Money: Malaysia: The police attacks Bitcoin minors flying electricity

MEGA Current bill: Ukrainian Kryptomin used PlayStation-4 consoles

 MEGA Current bill: Ukrainian Kryptomin used PlayStation-4 consoles An unusual device selection met Kryptominer in Ukraine - they poured on thousands of PlayStation-4 consoles. The high power consumption even called the secret service to the plan. © SBU Kryptomining on PlayStation-4 consoles. The high power consumption is not just a huge cost factor in Kryptomining . Finally, the mining of a single bitcoin should devour several tens of thousand kilowatt hours.

Plus d'un millier de machines de minage de Bitcoin ont été détruite en Malaisie (Image d'illustration). © Martin Office AFP / Archivos More than a thousand Bitcoin mining machines were destroyed in Malaysia (image of illustration).

If the cryptomonnaie is not prohibited in Malaysia, the security of it, an activity called mining and very greedy energy, is regularly accused of stealing public electricity. Thus, in Borneo, eight people have just been sentenced to several months in prison.

with our correspondent in Kuala Lumpur, Gabrielle Maréchaux

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It's a larceny that's more and more in the pages Miscellaneous Facts of Malaysian Newspapers: The theft of electricity to practice Cryptomonnaie mining. The last mischief was held in Borneo. It has been illustrated by a particularly spectacular image: the destruction of more than 1,000 mining machines with a huge compressor roller in the local police car park. It is for stolen the equivalent of 1.7 million euros into electricity that eight people behind these machines were in the crushed stride

bitcoin indicators point to the end of consolidation

 bitcoin indicators point to the end of consolidation after the steep price drop in April and May of this year, in which the bitcoin course has almost halved, the crypto currency consolidates the range between $ 30,000 and $ 40,000. However, two indicators suggest that the bitcoin could break out upwards. Lault here a good chance of purchase? © Provided by Toru Yamanaka / AFP / Getty Images • Bitcoin is located after crash in consolidation phase • Bollinger bandwidth and stock-to-flow model could indicate upswing • Bitcoin community c

but if these electronic housings are extremely energetic, they are also a source of potential nuisances or danger , said Assistant Commissioner to the CNBC media by citing cuts of currents and fires.

Similar machines have been found at four corners in recent years. Nothing in January and September 2020, 90 mining facilities were spotted by the police. If China remains the country that best practices this security of Bitcoins transactions, Malaysia, which, however, counts only 31 million inhabitants is not left out and appears in the top 10 of the countries where one Adonne the most to this activity.

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