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Money: Mislinat talks about penalty in Rage: "If it tells the Freiburg ..."

Back to Freiburg? Tempelmann is interested only that now

 Back to Freiburg? Tempelmann is interested only that now due to the 1st FCN defeated the third division from Halle with 5: 1 in the single test of the short winter break. The result, however, was of subordinate importance to Robert Klauß. © Imago Images / Bernd Müller on his second goal against Halle: Nurembergs Lino Tempelmann. In the test against Halle, Club-Neuznendang Castrop gives its debut Rather, the Club coach is pleased that he saw a lot of the training content of the past days in the 3rd-$ minutes, even if there is still "air up" .

The VfB Stuttgart has also lost in Freiburg and does not score a goal again. That it could have come differently, Sport Director Sven Unlintat emphasized.

Ein Gesicht spricht Bände: Sven Mislintat. © Imago Images / Eibner A face speaks volumes: Sven mislinat.

VFB Stuttgart with new negative record

If the VFB Stuttgart finifies a Bundesliga game without its own gate for the fifth time in a row and that means a new negative record in the club history, then Sven Mislint does not hold a fairytale hour. "We must not complain in the end that we have lost," the sports director admitted after the 0: 2 in Freiburg on the "Sky" microphone.

, as the resulting findings had come about, but Mishintat had a big problem. Marriage of Freiburg had gone through a faked long-distance shot (37.), the VFB was a minute before - according to VaR intervention - a faulfämeter was unknown.

A look at the latest COVID-19 developments in Canada

  A look at the latest COVID-19 developments in Canada A look at the latest COVID-19 news in Canada: — Adult Quebecers who refuse to be vaccinated against COVID-19 will be forced to pay a "significant" financial penalty, Premier François Legault said Tuesday, one day after the sudden resignation of the province's public health director. The penalty would be the first of its kind in Canada and would apply to unvaccinated residents who don't have a medical exemption, Legault told reporters in Montreal. The "health contribution" is necessary, he said, because about 10 per cent of adult Quebecers aren't vaccinated, but they represent about half of all patients in intensive care.

Alexis Tibidi had come to fall in Dribbling against the slightly foot-enclosed Lukas Kübler - in principle a 50: 50 decision. Referee Tobias Stieler, who could not quit the game again, decided on penalty. And after a trip to the Review Area shortly at no penalty. Mislint's incomprehension.

Höfler: "May not complain"

"I need nothing more," the sports director resigned - and said something: "For those who did not see the contact, everyone has heard him in the stadium" , Leather of mislint. "If it tells the Freiburg ...", he relied on Nicolas Höfler, who noticed "Sky" that the SCF should not complain ".

"to take back, is incredible, completely insane. This is not a clear wrong decision," said Mislinat in Rage, which presents sporty, "that we work hard, become a more athletic". Or just shoot a goal again. What the VfB would have done on Saturday afternoon. The sports director of the table penultimate wanted to complain about the defeat as such - "but a 1-0 changed a game."

Freiburg Günter has a World Cup participation in view .
after the surprising nomination for the European Championship in the previous year, football international Christian Günter hopes to participate in the World Cup in Qatar (21 November to 18 December). "That it is of course a dream, is out of question," said the captain of the Bundesliga club SC Freiburg in the SID interview: "If I play it up, then I definitely play a role." © Provided by SID Christian Günter hopes for a World Cup participation He makes "not a head about it every week." Over the

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