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Money: billions of surplus: Municipalities take more taxes again 2021 An

Gym-goers, sports fans, smokers face more taxes in Saskatchewan budget

  Gym-goers, sports fans, smokers face more taxes in Saskatchewan budget REGINA — Working out or going to a professional football game could cost more this fall with proposed new taxes outlined in Saskatchewan's budget. Starting in October, the province plans to add the six per cent provincial sales tax to admissions fees and entertainment, including Saskatchewan Roughriders CFL games, other sporting events, concerts, museums, rodeos and gyms. Smokers also face increasing taxes starting Thursday. There will be another two cents per smoke for a total increase of 40 cents for a 20-pack. Taxes on loose tobacco will rise by eight cents per gram. Property taxes are also to go up slightly.

Municipalities in Germany achieved a financing surplus of just under 4.6 billion euros last year. These are around 2.6 billion euros more than the year before, as the Federal Statistical Office announced on Friday in Wiesbaden. According to the failures due to the pandemic, tax revenues have risen and even surpassed the pre-crisis level. In 2020, federal and state governments had to support the municipalities with financial aid because of corona crisis.

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The municipal tax revenues were shown in 2021 with € 113.4 billion about 15 percent above the sum of the previous year. In particular, revenue from the trade tax, which exceeded € 34.6 percent with net $ 50.7 billion, exceeded the previous year's figure. The income tax revenue also rose again, with a total of 40 billion euros by 5.2 percent above the previous year. Sales tax revealed 8.2 billion euros and thus 0.6 percent less.

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The total adjusted revenues of municipalities were 4.3 percent over the previous year, over the previous year, total adjusted expenses rose by 3.5 percent to 303.4 billion euros. The basis is the quarterly cash statistics for the communities and community associations without the city states. (dpa)

Successful amendment: Canadian Pacific will have to pay taxes in Saskatchewan .
REGINA — The Constitution is to be amended as it relates to the Saskatchewan Act so as to remove a section that exempts Canadian Pacific Railway from paying taxes in the province. The proposed amendment — which earlier received unanimous support from the Saskatchewan legislature and the House of Commons in Ottawa — has now been approved by the Senate. Saskatchewan Justice Minister Gord Wyant says he's pleased the federal government supported the province's motion in a timely fashion. Wyant says the Governor General has to sign off on the change.

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