Money: Lindner: Over -profit tax could harm more than help

Lindner wants to make pension contributions fully deductible in the future

 Lindner wants to make pension contributions fully deductible in the future Berlin. Pension contributors in Germany are to be relieved by 3.2 billion euros next year. Finance Minister Lindner wants to make the contributions deductible from the tax earlier than planned. © Michael Kappeler Christian Lindner (FDP), Federal Minister of Finance, speaks in a press statement on current political issues. (Archive photo) taxpayers should be able to fully deduct their pension contributions from the coming year.

The introduction of a special tax to high additional profits of energy companies could be more harm than helping. Companies already paid very high taxes in Germany, the FDP politician wrote on Twitter on Thursday. To demand more from a single industry now, "seems arbitrary to me and ruins the confidence in our tax system," he said.

In der Ampel wird über eine mögliche Übergewinnsteuer diskutiert. Finanzminister Lindner hält nichts von der Maßnahme. © Michael Kappeler/dpa-pool/dpa in the traffic lights is discussed about a possible excess tax. Finance Minister Lindner does not believe in the measure.

an excess tax could also harm the innovation location of Germany. "Because high profits often arise in pioneers that have previously invested with high risks for years," said Lindner. "It would be a shame if you decide against Germany in the future for fear of punishing your own performance." Rather, high profits in wind energy are a market economy incentive to invest more precisely there. «As a result, the price and profit will drop at some point. This does not need any special tax, »says Lindner.

SPD and GREEN press FDP for concessions with over -profit tax

 SPD and GREEN press FDP for concessions with over -profit tax SPD and GREEN urge the coalition partner FDP to give up resistance to over -profit tax. "The SPD will take a new attempt to introduce an over -profit tax for corporations that are enriched by the crisis," said party leader Saskia Esken of the "Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung" on Saturday. Green boss Ricarda Lang said on Sunday on ZDF that such a tax could be financed for citizens in autumn.

Survey: Majority for over -profit tax

A clear majority of Germans, on the other hand, supports the introduction of a special tax to high additional profits during the war. 76 percent consider such an over-profit tax to be correct for companies, as an infratest dimap survey for the ARD «Germany trend» showed. Every fifth thinks it is wrong.

Approval to special tax is therefore over all political camps: the SPD supporters support 88 percent, 84 percent for the Greens, 76 percent for the Union and 75 percent for the AfD. The majority of FDP supporters also spoke out for special tax. 58 percent would find them correct, but 38 percent wrong.

more than half of the respondents (56 percent) also advocated that future relief should benefit citizens with low income. 41 percent think that relief should apply to everyone. 46 percent of Germans find that the state should accept higher debts for such measures. However, 36 percent believe that relief should be financed by tax increases.

The results are based on a representative survey of 1313 voters in Germany, which was carried out between August 1st and 3rd.

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