Money: Bitcoin-presser threatens with explosive explosion: U-detention

Armenia. The assessment of the explosion in Yerevan rises to five dead

 Armenia. The assessment of the explosion in Yerevan rises to five dead © Reuters of smoke rises after explosions which ravaged a fireworks warehouse in a shopping center in Yerevan, Armenia, August 14, 2022 . A man and four women died in the explosion that occurred on Sunday, August 14, in a commercial area in Yerevan. More than sixty people were injured. The origin of the blast remains unknown.

around three years after a threatened explosive attack on a company and the extortion of several hundred thousand euros in cryptocurrency Bitcoin is in custody. According to Friday, the police and public prosecutor's office in Karlsruhe accuse the 53-year-old particularly severe predatory extortion. Despite the supposed anonymity of the bitcoins generated over computer and various veiling measures by the suspect, the investigators had tracked down the man and had shown him to a judge at the end of last week.

officials from Switzerland searched the German house there. The investigators would have ensured numerous evidence, including explosive substances and unauthorized firearms. A spokesman for the public prosecutor did not provide any information on why the Karlsruhe authorities are responsible.

More than 20 deaths when attacking Kabuler Mosque .
just shortly after the first anniversary of the Taliban victory, an explosion shaked the north of the Afghan capital. So far, nobody has yet known for the incident. © Ebrahim Noroozi/Ap Photo/Picture Alliance Grief for one of the numerous victims of attacks The explosion occurred on Wednesday evening in a mosque in the northwest of Kabul during the well -attended prayer. The police speak of 21 fatalities and 33 injuries, other sources report at least 20 deaths and 40 injuries.

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