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Money: Tax dispute: Greens criticize Lindner's relief plans

Chuck Schumer, Joe Manchin Announce Agreement On Tax And Climate Bill; Legislation Includes 15% Corporate Minimum Tax

  Chuck Schumer, Joe Manchin Announce Agreement On Tax And Climate Bill; Legislation Includes 15% Corporate Minimum Tax Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) said that they have reached a deal on a massive bill that includes climate and energy initiatives as well as a 15% corporate minimum tax. The agreement surprised reporters, as Manchin several weeks ago indicated that he would not support key aspects of Joe Biden’s agenda, including climate programs, because of concerns of inflation.

The Greens in the Bundestag consider the tax plans of Finance Minister Christian Linder (FDP) to be socially unbalanced. "The current proposals would primarily ensure that top earners are favors the strongest financially," criticized parliamentary group deputy Andreas Audretsch on Tuesday. "High and highest income groups would be preserved more than three times as much as people with small incomes that the relief now actually need most urgently," he told the German Press Agency.

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People with very small incomes would also not be relieved because they did not pay any income taxes below the basic allowance. "And the proposed raising of child benefit is not even enough to compensate for inflation," criticized Audetretsch. In the currently difficult situation, the federal government has to concentrate on relieving people with little money, with small and medium -sized incomes. Large incomes, on the other hand, should make their contribution to securing social peace.

The FDP has proposed a tax reform that should relieve taxpayers by 10.1 billion euros in the coming year, according to the "Spiegel". As can be seen from a tweet by the FDP finance politician Markus Herbrand, taxpayers with an income of 25,000 euros a year are to be relieved by 213 euros. With an income of 60,000 euros, relief of 486 euros is planned, with income of 100,000 euros a year it would be 672 euros. As a percentage, the relief for low income is greater than with high - but in absolute numbers. (dpa)

Union and Greens demand targeted relief for pensioners and students .
Given the increasing prices, the opposition and coalition call for a targeted relief for students and pensioners. These both groups have not been taken into account in the previous relief and suffered particularly from the situation, said Union parliamentary manager Thorsten Frei (CDU) on Monday on Deutschlandfunk. The Greens want to push for support for students and pensioners in the coalition - this was announced by parliamentary group leader Katharina Dröge in the "Rheinische Post".

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