Money: after attack on Entrust: Ransomware Group Lockbit hacked by victims?

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, the company, which was the victim of an attack, has troubled even with a hacking attack? It is currently speculated whether in this case perpetrator and victim role could have exchanged.

War es ein Hackback? Entrust hat möglicherweise Lockbit angegriffen. © Sashkin/Shutterstock was it a hackback? Entrust may have attacked attraction.

Last July the Cybersecurity Giant Entrust became the victim of a hacker attack. The Ransomware Group Lockbit confessed shortly afterwards to the attack.

Now the roles have supposedly swapped: the hacking victim is now said to have become a hacking attacker, reports Techcrunch . Lockbit claims to have been attacked by Entrust.

counter strike from Entrust? In July,

said, according to Techcrunch, that an "unauthorized party" had accessed parts of his network. However, it was not made public whether and which data were stolen.

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is certain against it that entrust is one of the world's leading companies in terms of data and identity protection. Entrust customers include numerous US government authorities such as Homeland Security as well as the Energy and Finance Ministry.

defended himself with hackback against Lockbit?

Last Friday, Lockbit, which is said to have attacked Foxconn and Accenture in the past, took over responsibility for the cyber attack in July and put Entrust on his leak page on the Dark Web. In addition, according to TechCrunch, attracting internal data from Entrust. This could indicate that entrust refused to meet the ransom demands of the hacker group.

Now Lockbit has itself the victim of a cyber attack, reports the portal. So far, it is not known who is behind the attack. From the Lockbit area, however, it is said that the attack could come from the Entrust area.

A request from Techcrunch to the attack remained unanswered, according to the portal. Now it is speculated whether there may have been a hackback, a counter attack by the chopped company on the attackers.

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