Money: Geywitz is for quick improvement in housing allowance

Feds to unveil details of cost-of-living aids for low, modest income Canadians

  Feds to unveil details of cost-of-living aids for low, modest income Canadians SAINT ANDREWS, N.B. — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau today will unveil the full details of a plan to try and take some of the sting out of inflation for Canadians feeling it the most. Both Liberal and NDP sources tell The Canadian Press the plan includes doubling GST rebate cheques for six months as well as a temporary dental-care benefit for some families with young children, and an expanded housing allowance payment. All three are initiatives the NDP has been asking for since the spring as inflation began weighing heavily on Canadians with low and modest incomes.

recipients of housing benefit should quickly benefit from the planned improvements in performance. Federal construction minister Klara Geywitz (SPD) confirmed this in front of around 350 delegates at the union day of the Bauen-Agrar-Umwelt industrial union in Kassel. «People are now worried. People are now afraid of the ancillary costs, »said the minister. This Wednesday, the expansion and increase in housing benefit should therefore be decided in the cabinet by an average of 190 euros and the permanent implementation of the flat rate heating costs.

Bundesbauministerin Klara Geywitz beim Gewerkschaftstag der IG BAU in Kassel. © Swen Pförtner/dpa Federal Minister of Construction Klara Geywitz at the IG Bau union day in Kassel.

more social housing is also needed, said Geywitz. While there were currently three million social housing in the old Federal Republic, it is currently only just under a million. In particular, social housing is needed for trainees in the form of dormitories. "Living is one of the great social questions of our time again," said the SPD politician. Therefore, the funds for social housing would be increased significantly to 14.5 billion euros by 2026.

Trudeau announces first steps on dental care, boosts to housing benefit, GST credit

  Trudeau announces first steps on dental care, boosts to housing benefit, GST credit Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced his government’s latest efforts to help Canadians struggling with the rising cost of living as part of its agreement with the New Democrats to secure parliamentary support for the governing Liberals until 2025. The Liberals say they will be rolling out the first stage of a dental care program, boosting the GST tax credit and providing a one-time increase to the Canada Housing Benefit. "Our government has been hard at work on a plan that will deliver relief to millions of Canadians," Trudeau said in St. Andrews, N.B. on Tuesday, where he is attending a Liberal caucus retreat.

Before that, Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) had turned to the delegates in Kassel in a video message and confirmed the need for falling electricity and gas prices. "We now have the big task of ensuring that the prices do not go through the ceiling," he said. The current energy prices would have to be pressed.

State is to enter into apartment companies

The IG Bau had called for the state to enter important housing groups in the run -up to the trade union day in order to influence the rental market. "The federal government should buy itself with large, listed housing associations and thus secure a say in the long-term rental price policy of real estate companies," said chairman Robert Feiger to the newspapers of the Funke media group (Monday). The goal must be a blocking minority of 25 percent of the shares plus a share. Specifically, Feiger called the two real estate heavyweights Vonovia and Leg.

"This is how the federal government can influence essential strategic decisions on the supervisory boards of the companies," argued the head of the trade. "The state would signal that - after many privatizations - it interferes on the housing market." Specifically, it is about giving rents a damper in the future.

In Marseille, the radiant city signed Le Corbusier blows its 70 .
candles inaugurated in 1952, the Cité Radieuse de Le Corbusier celebrates its 70th anniversary this year. Visit this avant-garde building, a real revolution in its time, listed in 2016 as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. © supplied by Franceinfo for 70 years that the Radiant City has emerged in the 8th arrondissement in Marseille. A slightly crazy project for the time. This concrete liner is a vertical city made up of a 17 -storey building built on stilts.

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