Money: Every third has no money for sudden expenses

Every second child needs a braces

 Every second child needs a braces © provided by SZ - Sächsische Zeitung Every second child needs a braces eight to nine -year -olds in photos can almost only be seen with braces. This perception has also confirmed the new German oral health study, which was presented in Berlin on Friday. 705 children of this age group from all over the Federal Republic were examined for this at the beginning of last year and interviewed by scientists.

unexpected greater expenses exceed in almost a third of people in Germany. According to the Federal Statistical Office, 31.9 percent of the population in Germany was unable to spontaneously spontaneously manage 1150 euros or more from the existing budget.

Viele Menschen in Deutschland haben keine Möglichkeit, spontane Ausgaben zu stemmen. © Monika Skolimowska/dpa central picture/dpa Many people in Germany have no way to manage spontaneous expenses.

, according to the Wiesbaden statisticians in Germany, this group was larger than in France (27.6 percent) and the Netherlands (15.1 percent). In Romania, Croatia, Greece, Cyprus and Latvia, according to the authority , did not have sufficient financial reserves for unplanned expenses on Wednesday. In 2021,

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in Germany had to make two fifths of people with a net income of less than 22,000 euros. A fifth of the population had a so -called net equivalent income of less than 16,300 euros a year. The equivalence income is a saving effects in multi-person households adjusted per capita income, as the Federal Office explained. On the other hand, two fifths (40 percent) of the population had an income of 28,400 euros and more.

Inflation does not affect all

according to Bettina Kohlrausch, scientific director of the Economic and Social Science Institute (WSI) of the Hans Böckler Foundation close to the trade, have earnings with lower income both during the Corona crisis and in the past few months Income is lost above average. "And especially families with low incomes have to wear significantly higher household -specific inflation rates than wealthy households," said Kohlrausch.

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In September of the current year, consumer prices in Germany were 10.0 percent above the level of the same month. Inflation in Germany jumped to the highest level since the early 1950s. The largest price drivers have been energy and food for months. In September 2022, energy cost 43.9 percent more than a year earlier, according to preliminary calculations by the Federal Statistical Office, and food increased by 18.7 percent.

After expecting the IFO Institute, the prices in Germany will continue to increase almost nationwide in the coming months. "There is still a lot in the price pipeline," predicted a lot in the price pipeline, "predicted Timo Wollmerhäuser, the economic director of the Munich Institute. According to the recent IFO survey, all companies want to increase prices in the recent IFO survey. In drugstores, more than 92 percent plan price increases, more than 87 percent in gastronomy, and 62 percent for hotels. The IFO Institute interviews several thousand companies every month.

Oxfam denounces the “shocking” lack of action of governments in the face of inequalities

 Oxfam denounces the “shocking” lack of action of governments in the face of inequalities The inaction of governments in the face of inequalities which have grown strongly from the pandemic is "shocking", alerts the NGO Oxfam in a report published on Tuesday .

single parents are particularly affected by

The federal government is trying to relieve people with various measures. The traffic light coalition wants to take billions in hand for price brakes on electricity and gas. It will be shown whether the relief packages decided will be sufficient to comprehensively take financial worries and burdens, says WSI researcher Kohlrausch. "That would be twice important for those affected and the entire society."

, according to the Federal Statistical Office, are one of the 40 percent of the population with the lowest income above average people from households of single parents. Almost two thirds (64.6 percent) of them had a net equivalence income of less than 22,000 euros a year in 2021, and a good third (33.2 percent) was less than 16,300 euros.

also many adults who live alone can be found in the lowest income groups: more than half (53.2 percent) of this group comes to less than 22,000 euros a year, almost a third (32.2 percent) of those living alone have less than 16,300 euros Income.

of retired people also had about half (50.1 percent) in 2021 over a net income of less than 22,000 euros, almost a quarter (24.6 percent) had less than 16,300 euros available .

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