Money: Pas-de-Calais: A kidnapped finance inspector then killed as part of a tax audit

Anne Hidalgo renounces a campaign promise and increases the property tax in Paris

 Anne Hidalgo renounces a campaign promise and increases the property tax in Paris © Daniel Fouray / Ouest-France Anne Hidalgo (here on March 28, 2022) decided to increase the property tax in Paris. The socialist mayor of the capital has resolved to increase the property tax. It remains "the lowest in France" but the increase will be significant for the owners concerned. "I repeat it: there will be no tax increase. On February 6, 2020, Anne Hidalgo promised not to increase tax pressure if it was re -elected mayor of Paris.

La section de recherche de la gendarmerie des Hauts-de-France a été saisie dans le cadre d’une enquête de flagrance pour assassinat. © Denis Charlet The search section of the Hauts-de-France gendarmerie was seized as part of a Flagrus investigation for assassination.

A banal tax control that turns into drama. A 43-year-old tax agent was killed Tuesday after being kidnapped with a colleague as part of a tax audit from a second-hand dealer (Pas-de-Calais), who then killed himself " by Firearm ”, according to the prosecution. "When the gendarmes arrived, the two men died ," said a source to the AFP, stressing that the gendarmerie was alerted shortly after 6:00 pm " by a witness ". The search section of the Hauts-de-France gendarmerie was seized as part of a flagration investigation for assassination.

migrants rescued in the English Channel: "In France, we are not doing enough but it is mainly hurting", denounces an association

 migrants rescued in the English Channel: in just 24 hours at least 142 migrants were rescued in the English Channel between Friday and Saturday. © supplied by Franceinfo "The smugglers are despicable people, we agree but tackling the smugglers is not the goal", explains Sunday November 13 on Franceinfo Claire Millot, secretary general of the Salam association Located in Calais and which helps migrants.

The public prosecutor of Arras, Sylvain Barbier Sainte-Marie, and the prefect of Pas-de-Calais, Jacques Billant, went there.

The victim, principal public finance inspector and chief verification brigade in Pas-de-Calais, was found dead " probably following stabbing ," said the Arras prosecutor's office in a press release . The inspector " who accompanied him, very shocked, was taken care of by the emergency services. His days are not in danger , "he added. According to a source close to the investigation, it was found at the home of the second -hand dealer "L Igotée on a chair ". Both carried out home intervention to verify the accounting of the 46 -year -old man.

"He was an average person"

The second -hand dealer, divorced and father of two children, " had arrived in the village four years ago," the village mayor Eric Bianchin told AFP. “ He had bought a farm in rue de Quéant, where he made sales at his home. He emptied the houses, the garage sale and sold to his house , "he added, his eyes damp behind his glasses. " is a small village, everyone knows each other. I never had a problem with him, he was helpful, he was an average person. It was integrated into the village , "continued the mayor. According to him, the inhabitants " saw him very little ", because " he left very early in the morning for his activity". "Drama Innumerable"


and Man did his job [...] today, he did not return. , "said Public Accounts Minister Gabriel Attal, who spoke in the middle of the evening in front of the Senate.

The colleagues of the victim, who worked for "

the Departmental Directorate of Public Finance (DDFIP) of Pas-de-Calais and more broadly all public finance agents are upset and mourning ," said Gabriel Attal , evoking " an unnameable drama ". He said he would go to Arras DDFI on Tuesday morning. It is expected at 11:30 am " Tonight, the public service has the face of this brigade chief ", he insisted, before inviting at a moment of meditation " in his homage In the hemicycle.

overnight stay in Munich is expected to be postponed .
The controversial accommodation tax in Munich is expected to be postponed. The two largest groups in the city council, Greens and Rosa List as well as CSU and Freie Voters want to decide on Tuesday in the Finance Committee, as they announced. Together, the two groups have a majority in city councils and the finance committee. The “Bild” newspaper had previously reported about it. © Christoph Schmidt/dpa/symbol image Dark clouds drag over a hotel.

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