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Danielle Kubes: Tylenol shortage shows 'feminist' Trudeau let's women's issues fester

  Danielle Kubes: Tylenol shortage shows 'feminist' Trudeau let's women's issues fester “My poor girl is suffering,” wrote a desperate mother on my neighbourhood Facebook group. “Does anyone have sealed children’s Advil or Tylenol in liquid form?… I am willing to pay more than the cost of the bottle if you have it!” Another woman wrote: “I’ve heard there is a shortage of baby and children’s pain relievers (Tylenol, Advil, Tempra) in Ontario. Anyone need? I stocked up while in the USA … Available FREE OF CHARGE. One per person.” Welcome to life as a mom in Canada in 2022, where, thanks to huge spikes in demand and a struggling supply chain, you’re reduced to begging for basic pain and fever-reducing medication for your children or running across the border to the U

In North Rhine-Westphalia, significantly fewer children and adolescents have been vaccinated in Corona pandemic than in the past. Compared to the pre-pandemy year 2019, there was a decrease of 13 percent in 2021, the health insurance company said DAK-Gesundheit in Düsseldorf.

The third largest German health insurance company compared the vaccinations based on the data of 142,000 insured children and adolescents in NRW. Around 187,000 fewer girls and boys were vaccinated in NRW 2021 in NRW 2021.

The health insurance company spoke of a “vaccine” and pointed out that North Rhine-Westphalia was under the national trend in various types of vaccinations. The considerable declines have been observed for a long time. "Corona pandemic has strengthened this negative trend," said NRW boss Klaus Overdiek. The unusual or shifted vaccinations should be made up for urgently. According to the survey,

was accepted, among other things, when vaccinations, for example against diphtheria, whooping cough, tetanus or paralysis. 80,000 less children were vaccinated here last year than in 2019.

A special case was the measles-mumps-red vaccination: While this triple vaccination in 2021 decreased by 27 percent, the four-fold vaccination, in which there is also vaccination against chickenpox , administered more often with an increase of twelve percent last year.

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