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Money: Real estate credit: What rates in 2023?

To offer a 100 m² house in Île-de-France, the cost of the Credit Flamb Credit

 To offer a 100 m² house in Île-de-France, the cost of the Credit Flamb Credit © 185718373/ " unless you buy without borrowing, rare are the households that are Sure of having a mortgage , ”says Maël Bernier, of besttaux. Even wealthy quadras, which buy new accommodation, can be turned back. " There are a little fewer young buyers in Paris, knowing that the majority of real estate acquisitions, in the capital, are secundo accessents ", analyzes Me Thierry Delesalle, notary in Paris.

The mortgage market was turned upside down on a European scale in 2022. After years of "free" money, rates exploded. They are in December around 2.5%, after a new increase of approximately 0.2 points. And the increase is expected to continue in 2023. The year could therefore be complex for the sector. But certain elements can also allow to hope for a relaxation of the market. For several months, banks, brokers and other mortgage players have denounced a chisel effect between the increase in guiding rates and the slow increase in the wear threshold. This is, in fact, based on the average TAEg of the previous quarter and is therefore not very suitable for a rapid evolution .

Real estate credit: "The year 2023 looks very complicated"

 Real estate credit: while one in two file is currently blocked in your opinion, could the solution come from variable rates? Maël Bernier: is a marginal solution for the time being. But at a time when the European Central Bank invites banks to rethink their model, and in Europe this practice is not nonexistent, it is interesting to look at the issue of variable rates. In France we borrow at 95% at fixed rate, which largely explains market stability.

Real estate mortgage: rates up, but downward prices?

This will be revised in early 2023. Currently 3.05% over twenty years, it should then reach 3.5%. What give credit institutions some air. The amplitude of this margin will however depend on the evolution of guiding rates. The governor of the Banque de France pleaded for a new enhancement in December, but weaker than in October. In the long term, it is therefore possible that the rate window widens.

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, it will however remain constrained by the maximum authorized debt rate. However, in this area, "an increase in one point of the credit rate decreases by 10% the borrowing capacity of a buyer", notes for Midi Libre Pierre Chapon, co -founder of the Pretto broker. "It will be necessary to compensate with the contribution or a negotiation of the purchase price," he judges. Another point to take into account in 2023: energy performance diagnostics. With the gradual ban on renting thermal colanders, the price of poorly insulated housing should mechanically lower. Therefore, the balance of power could be reversed in favor of buyers.

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