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Money: Pension reform: Bayrou claims an “pedagogy effort”

Biden releasing nearly $36B to aid pensions of union workers

  Biden releasing nearly $36B to aid pensions of union workers President Joe Biden on Thursday is announcing the infusion of nearly $36 billion to shore up a financially troubled union pension plan, preventing severe cuts to the retirement incomes of more than 350,000 Teamster workers and retirees across the United States. The money for the Central States Pension Fund is the largest amount of federal aid provided for a pension plan, the Biden administration said, and comes from the American Rescue Plan, a $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package that he signed into law in 2021. Many union retirement plans have been under financial pressure because of underfunding and other issues.

François Bayrou, président du parti centriste français MoDem plaide pour un © Sarah Meyssonnier François Bayrou, president of the French centrist party MoDem pleads for an "enlightened debate" on pension reform. According to François Bayrou, mayor of Pau and High Commissioner at Plan, the French have "never been sufficiently informed to forge a conviction" on the pension reform.

"We do not collectively have the necessary pedagogy effort", notes this Sunday, December 11, the president of the modem and high commissioner at the François Bayrou plan in an interview with the Journal du Dimanche. While Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne must present this Thursday the main lines of the pension reform, François Bayrou castigates The lack of information given to French on the pension system and the lack of enlightened debate.

Prime Minister makes a new pension proposal

 Prime Minister makes a new pension proposal Lower Saxony Stephan Weil Prime Minister makes new pension proposal © T - Online Chancellor Olaf Scholz wants there to be fewer. His party friend and Prime Minister Stephan Weil has another idea. In the newly flared debate about retirement age, Lower Saxony's Prime Minister Stephan Weil (SPD) brought the model of a partial retirement. "The best thing would be a system in which people from a certain age decide how long and how much they want to work," he told the "Tagesspiegel".

“The French, through the State and Parliament, are free to decide what they use the budget. It is still necessary that they are perfectly informed, since in the end, they are the ones who will pay. And so far they haven't been, "he explains. He pleads for an open debate and invites the government not to cut short the discussions. "This is a debate between specialists, government on the one hand, social partners on the other. However, citizens, retired or assets, should be the first interested parties, ”recalls the president of the modem.

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Do not “cut short the debates”.

Despite the lively opposition of unions, the executive favors a postponement of the retirement age at 65 for its reform which should be carried in a budgetary text relating to Social Security, opening the door to a New 49.3 . François Bayrou, however, warns the government: “The 49-3 is a normal institutional weapon. But we should not enter this reform with the idea that we will cut short the debates. Debates in Parliament and in opinion are necessary ”.

Biden pushes Congress to pass Manchin permitting reform bill opposed by liberals

  Biden pushes Congress to pass Manchin permitting reform bill opposed by liberals President Joe Biden gave his full backing to Sen. Joe Manchin's permitting reform effort, which has failed to pass multiple times over the last few months due to opposition from many liberal Democrats, as well as Republicans. Biden framed Manchin's bill, meant to speed up the environmental review and permitting of energy infrastructure and to put a fence around litigation against such projects, as a means to continue reducing inflation.

The secretaries general of the CFDT and the CGT, Laurent Berger and Philippe Martinez, have already promised a "determined" social mobilization in the event of a postponement of the departure age, after their meetings Thursday with Elisabeth Terminal, to talk about this reform that she must present around December 15. Still with the JDD, François Bayrou assures that this reform "is not a power test between the government and French society". For him, the presentation of Elisabeth Borne this Thursday must be a "starting point" before a "discussion in the parliament". According to him, the reform must be, "a human, human project, which takes into account the legitimate expectations of each".

A retirement at 64.2 years

The High Commissioner General at the Planning published a note on pensions on Thursday, based on the analyzes already published by the Pension Orientation Council (COR), the Committee of Follow -up of pensions (CSR) and France Strategy. He already demanded more “pedagogy”. In the note published in Le Figaro, François Bayrou mentioned a retirement at 64.2 years. "What the pension orientation council says is that, if the average age increased to 64.2 years, part of the deficits to come would be erased. But what we forget to say when we talk about the legal age at 64 or 65 is that it is a goal for in ten years, not for 2023, "he said to the JDD. He adds that the question of the starting age must be "individualized", taking into account "the state of health before retirement".

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