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Money: Prime Minister makes a new pension proposal

Pensions: Here is what differentiates the unions behind their opposition to a departure at 65 years

 Pensions: Here is what differentiates the unions behind their opposition to a departure at 65 years © Vincent Mouchel / Ouest France in early 2020, the first project to reform Emmanuel Macron had led to numerous events. Here in Quimper. The month of January promises to be heckled with unions that have formed a united front against pension reform. They all denounce the gradual postponement of the retirement age at 65, but differences persist between them. is no. And it is unanimous. The unions are standing against the pension reform.

Lower Saxony Stephan Weil

Prime Minister makes new pension proposal   Ministerpräsident macht neuen Rentenvorschlag © T - Online

Chancellor Olaf Scholz wants there to be fewer. His party friend and Prime Minister Stephan Weil has another idea.

In the newly flared debate about retirement age, Lower Saxony's Prime Minister Stephan Weil (SPD) brought the model of a partial retirement. "The best thing would be a system in which people from a certain age decide how long and how much they want to work," he told the "Tagesspiegel".

"Such a partial retirement would be a flexible transition between gainful employment and pension," explained Weil. He rejected a general increase in the retirement age: "If you can no longer or do not want to work further, you have to go earlier and live from your pension."

Pension reform: The unions threaten the executive of a "determined" social mobilization

 Pension reform: The unions threaten the executive of a at the end of bilateral meetings Thursday with Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne, the various union representatives fear not to be heard © SEVGI/SIPA Philippe MARTINEZ, GGT left -wing union leader, to the event for purchasing power in Paris, Thursday October 27, 2022.

party friend and Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz had previously announced that they wanted to reduce the number of early retirees. "It is important to increase the proportion of those who can really work until the retirement age. Many find it difficult today," the SPD politician told the newspapers of the Funke Mediengruppe and the French newspaper "Ouest-France".

Left Group leader Dietmar Bartsch now emphasized that it is important to enable older people to work at all. "Age -appropriate jobs are necessary instead of compulsion to continue working in old age," he said on Deutschlandfunk. Bartsch also called for a pension reform, according to which officials and self -employed people would also have to pay into the statutory pension insurance.

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