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Money: shortage of skilled workers in retail is taking

Letter: Liquor store closures another stop on the wrong path

  Letter: Liquor store closures another stop on the wrong path With the announcement to sell the remaining publicly owned liquor stores to private enterprise, more than 350 employees are staring at the prospect of unemployment . In October, Premier Scott Moe stated that his government is getting out of the retail business because, “We want to focus our efforts as a government on what people view as a core business.” He went on to explain that core businesses to the government are often considered those that offer health-care services, those that assist in building new health-care facilities, and those in the education and highway sectors.

The shortage of skilled workers is now also causing more and more problems in retail. In total, between July 2021 and June 2022, an average of more than 37,000 qualified specialists were missing, as a study by the competence center of the skilled workers (Kofa) of the employer -related institute of German economy (IW) showed. "This represents an all -time high of the retail skilled workers," reported the experts.

Eine Kundin wird in einem Modehaus von einer Verkäuferin beraten. © Bernd Wüstneck/DPA central picture/dpa A customer is advised by a seller in a fashion house.

Almost a third of the retail spots could not have been filled with suitable qualified specialists, according to the study. It is most difficult to find specialists in the optics and the sale of meat products.

One reason for this: In the past ten years, fewer and fewer new training contracts have been concluded in the retail professions. Since 2021, the number of unoccupied training positions has exceeded that of the unversored applicants. "In the long term, this turning point endangers the security of skilled workers in the long term and suggests that the shortage of skilled workers will continue to be tightened in retail professions," predicted the study.

Grocery shoplifting on the rise in Canada amid inflation, industry insiders say .
Shoplifting has surged to an alarming level across Canada, industry insiders say, with inflation and labour shortages cited as major factors behind the increase. The uptick has triggered concern among Canadian grocers even as the rise in food prices helps pad their bottom lines. Grocery prices were up 11 per cent year-over-year in October and they're not expected to ease any time soon. The total cost of groceries for a family of four is expected to be $1,065 more than it was this year, according to the most recent edition of Canada's Food Price Report.

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