Offbeat: Russia: mourning after a hecatomb in a Siberian mine

The United States adds Russia to their blacklist of "worrying" countries on religious freedom

 The United States adds Russia to their blacklist of The country chaired by Vladimir Putin joins Saudi Arabia, Burma, China, North Korea, Eritrea, Iran, Pakistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan © Richard B. Levine / Newscom / SIPA The United States criticizes Russia to restrict the peaceful activities of religious minorities such as Jehovah's Witnesses.

  Russie: deuil après une hécatombe dans une mine de Sibérie © AFP

U N mourning three days started Friday in the Kemerovo area, in Siberia, the day after the death of 51 people, including five rescuers, during an accident in a coal mine followed by a backup operation having turned to the drama.

A rescuer, presumed dead, was found alive Friday after spending the night in the rubble of the mine, bringing back to 51 the balance sheet first fixed at 52 dead, announced the authorities, evoking a "miracle".

Investigators arrested on Thursday leaders of the mine - ownership of an oligarch - accusing them of violations that led to the disaster, one of the worst of the last ten years in the mining sector in Russia , regularly mortar.

The Russian intelligence services deny any invasion of Ukraine

 The Russian intelligence services deny any invasion of Ukraine © Baz Ratner "Americans brush a terrifying painting with hordes of Russian tanks preparing to crush Ukrainian cities, ensuring that they have Reliable information on such Russia's intentions, "said SVR in a statement. Reuters / BAZ RATNER Game of Dipes? The Russia External Intelligence Service (SVR) has qualified on Monday "Absolutely False" the assertions that Moscow would prepare an invasion of Ukraine , after several Western countries had expressed concern.

relatives of victims were crying Friday morning near the entrance to the site, covered with snow and where there are still many first aids, found a correspondent of the AFP .

Thursday, around 08:30 Local (01:30 GMT), the alert had been given after the presence of smoke in the Listviajnaia mine, in Gramotein, in the Kemerovo mining and industrial region.

According to local authorities, 285 people were underground. The majority has been rescued, but 46 others remained blocked several hundred meters deep.

"To the end"

A rescued minor, who did not give his name, told the Russia chain 24 have been "saved" by rescuers in the middle of a thick smoke. "I may have lost consciousness, I do not know how long has passed."

"The visibility was bad, they caught me and they shot me," said another survivor, during a report broadcast on Friday by the same chain.

Russia: 32 years of struggle "liquidated" to the NGO Memorial?

 Russia: 32 years of struggle © AP - Ivan SEKRETAREV Moscow Office of the NGO Memorial (picture illustration). historic pillar of the struggle for democracy in Russia, the most emblematic of Russian NGOs, established in January 1989 with support from the physicist and Nobel Peace Prize Andrei Sakharov. She is threatened with "liquidation" is the term used by the law. The hearing was held Thursday morning at the Supreme Court in Moscow.

At nightfall, Thursday, the authorities announced that there were no survivors among those remaining underground, and a team of six speleologous rescuers, missing, had also succumbed.

Friday morning, one of these rescuers was finally found alive. He spent the night buried, then went alone to the surface, according to the Russian Ministry of Emergencies.

This 51-year-old man, married and a child's father, is currently hospitalized for carbon monoxide poisoning, said the department in a statement.

"I think it's a miracle. Our people have made a miracle," said the acting minister emergency situations, Sergei Cherprian, cited in this press release.

The five alleged dead rescuers, aged 33 to 56, will be decorated posthumously from the courage medal. "Minors, like rescuers, have done their duty to the end," said Mr. Tchouprian.

According to a parquet manager, the cause of the accident envisaged is a shot of gray, an explosion caused by a mixture between oxygen and methane. Research had been temporarily suspended on Thursday due to explosion risk.

Russia places a military satellite in orbit

 Russia places a military satellite in orbit Moscow is accused in recent years to militarize the space © Handout / Russian Space Agency Roscosmos / AFP Russia has placed on this Thursday a military satellite which is likely part of its Anti-Missile Spatial Shield.

The Governor of the Region, Sergey Tsivilev, said that specialists would inject methane into the mine to lower the risk of new Grisou blows.

fifty people were hospitalized after the accident, according to the local Ministry of Health.


The Investigation Committee has opened an investigation for "breach of safety standards" and announced Thursday evening the arrest of the director of the mine, his deputy, as well as the head of the area where accident took place.

The site belongs to SDS-Ugol, one of the largest producers of Russian coal, owned by a multi-millionaire, Mikhail Fedev.

Friday, two responsible for inspection services for industrial sites (Rostekhnadzor), were targeted by another survey for "negligence".

Accidents in the Russian mines, as elsewhere in the ex-USSR, are often linked to laxity in the application of safety standards, mismanagement or dilapidated equipment dating back to the Soviet era.

An accident in the Listviajnaia mine had already taken place in October 2004, when an explosion had killed 13 people. According to the Russian media, a deflagration had also killed five people in 1981.

One of the worst disasters of this kind dates back to May 2010, when 91 people had perished in the Raspadskaya mine, also in the region of Kemerovo.

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Putin and biden could talk videoconferencing, according to the Kremlin .
Russia-USA-Kremlin: Putin and biden could interfere with videoconference, according to Kremlin © Reuters / Pool Putin and Biden could talk By videoconference, according to the Kremlin Moscow (Reuters) - preparations are underway to organize a videoconferencing interview between the Russian President Vladimir Putin and his American counterpart Joe Biden, announced the Kremlin Friday, the day after an unsuccessful meeting between The foreign ministers of the two countries on the Ukrainian crisis.

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