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Offbeat: red-green-red coalition agreement in Berlin is

Sudan: Despite the agreement, the massive arrests continue

 Sudan: Despite the agreement, the massive arrests continue © AFP manifestation in Khartoum after the agreement of 21 November. In accordance with the terms of the agreement between Abdallah Hamdok and General Al-Burhane, political figures have been released like Omar Al-Digair, head of the Sudanese Congress Party or Yasir Arman of the Sudan Popular Liberation Movement, Faisal Mohammed Saleh, former Minister of Information, as well as Saddiq Saddiq Al-Mahdi, from the Oumma Party.

Berlin. After long and partly practicing negotiations, the coalition agreement of SPD, Greens and Left in Berlin stands. The designated ruling mayor Giffey is facilitated.

 SPD-Vorsitzende Franziska Giffey (l) und Bettina Jarasch (r, Bündnis90/Die Grünen) sowie Katina Schubert (Die Linke). © Paul Zinken SPD chairman Franziska Giffey (L) and Bettina Jarasch (R, Alliance90 / the Greens) and Katina Schubert (the Left).

After about five weeks of intensive discussions, the coalition agreement of SPD, Greens and Left in Berlin stands. "There is a political agreement on all open points in the coalition agreement for the formation of a new Berlin Provincial Government," wrote the designated ruling mayor Franziska Giffey (SPD) on Sunday on Instagram. "I am relieved" so Giffey. "Thousand thanks to all who worked, organized, prepared, preparing, and to have the best political path for Berlin." According to the SPD chairmen and former Federal Family Family Foreign Minister, the last editorial work is made on the text. On Monday (12.00 clock) the coalition agreement should then be presented as announced. Then the resort announcement in the new Senate should be determined and answered the question which party gets like many senator posts. The executive chair in the Red Town Hall should take over Giffey.

Meeting with traffic light parties in the Chancellery: Merkel demanded Lockdown from Thursday

 Meeting with traffic light parties in the Chancellery: Merkel demanded Lockdown from Thursday Angela Merkel looks due to the current situation. She wanted to dramatically tighten the Corona measures, but the traffic lights leaned. © Photo: imago images / image enclosure Chancellor Angela Merkel CDU at a group photo on 24 November 2021 according to the cabinet session of the Federal Government in the Chancellery in Berlin.

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Now the party bodies and in the case of the left the members have to agree to the government program. The crucial party days are planned at the SPD for the 5th of December, with the Greens for the 12th of December. The membership decision at the left should take place from 3 to 17 December. If everything goes smoothly, Giffey wants to be elected to the ruling mayor on 21 December in the House of Representatives.

When choosing to the House of Representatives On September 26, the SPD had become the strongest power of the strengthened Greens as well as the CDU and left, despite their historically worst result of 21.4 percent. After a longer probing process, where the Berlin parties also triggered other alliance options, the three previous partners of coalition negotiations increased.

During the talks, you already presented many points of your program scheduled for the new legislature to 2026. The list of projects ranges from the expansion of public transport (public transport) more efforts for climate protection and 20,000 new apartments per year to a more community-friendly administration and more video surveillance of places with a lot of crime.

Germany. Olaf Scholz will succeed Angela Merkel: What challenges are the new Chancellor? .
© Tobias Schwarz / AFP The Social Democrat Olaf Scholz will be confirmed in the position of Chancellor on Wednesday, by the German Parliament. Left on this photo: Ecologist Robert Habeck, Future Minister of the Economy and Climate Protection. Right: Liberal Christian Lindner, Future Minister of Finance. After sixteen years under the auspices of the Conservative Angela Merkel, the German Chancellery will be entrusted on Wednesday, December 8, to the Social Democrat Olaf Scholz.

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