Offbeat: Demonstration, Journalists Hoses ... A first meeting of Zemmour agitated

Eric Zemmour officially announced his candidacy for the presidential election

 Eric Zemmour officially announced his candidacy for the presidential election © Ouest-France Éric Zemmour at a public meeting in Pleurtuit in Ille-et-Vilaine. one who became known as a polemicist television confirmed what everyone sensed for weeks: he is a candidate for president in 2022, he announced on Tuesday, November 30, 2021 in a video published on social networks. "I decided to run for president." Eric Zemmour is candidate presidential election.

The candidate brings together his troops this Sunday for a meeting in Villepinte. Some clashes erupted between anti-Zemmour protesters and the police.

Eric Zemmour au 20H de TF1, mardi 30 novembre 2021. © Thomas Coex / Pool / AFP Eric Zemmour at 20H TF1, Tuesday, November 30, 2021.

After His candidacy announcement , Éric Zemmour intends to make a demonstration of force at his first presidential campaign meeting this Sunday to Villepinte (Seine-Saint-Denis), in a day "at risk" according to the police, with anti-Zemmour mobilized and first arrests at midday. The far-right candidate brought together about 13,000 people according to the organizers, on 19,000 registered, at the exhibition center. All behind the new polemicist slogan: "impossible is not French", an expression attributed to Napoleon, matching an olive branch. He must speak for this end of the afternoon this Sunday.

To declare a candidate, Zemmour chooses an antifrançaise music of Beethoven

 To declare a candidate, Zemmour chooses an antifrançaise music of Beethoven © Copyright 2021, the obs each his tastes. In 2020, to proclaim his next coup, the neonazi Rémy Dailer, today imprisoned in Strasbourg, had chosen "Stabat Mater" by François Poulenc, French composer of the twentieth century, to which the music of the adventures of Babar. To announce his candidacy for the presidential election, Eric Zemmour Lorches to Germany and the Danube, with Beethoven's "Symphony No. 7". Strange choice and, to tell all, stranger.

in parallel, some 2200 protesters, according to the prefecture of police, parade in the streets of Paris Sunday to denounce the candidacy for the presidential election and the speech in their eyes "racist" of the extreme right polemist Eric Zemmour, at The call of about fifty unions, parties and associations.

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The fist lifted and the cry of "Zemmour Break, Paris is not yours," the protesters gathered in The barbish district and took the direction of the Park of La Villette, where the former journalist originally had to hold his first major public meeting, before relocation to Villepinte. "This has been one of the biggest meeting rooms for a few years," said Antoine Diers before spokesperson.

"morbidity" Zemmour by Marine Le Pen

 © Copyright 2021, The Obs Hold on to the railing, I will dissect a formula Marine Le Pen, a dig against his now rival, Eric Zemmour . "The disease is not a project," she launched in an interview with "Parisian" following the nomination of the "great resistance" Zemmour ready the farcical hero s' exile in London to lead a shadow army to drive the Muslims out of France. Joan of Arc dressed in Jean Moulin small feet. It rubs eyes.

Video: Meeting of Eric Zemmour: daily journalists were exfiltrated by the security department (BFMTV)

more than 400 journalists were accredited. But the atmosphere was electric as one of our journalists could be seen on the spot. Daily teams have been huped and had to be sheltered briefly.

A dense safety device had finally been deployed to Villepinte. Tensions erupted at mid-day between dozens of opponents at the arrival of Éric Zemmour and the police, in front of the RER station. Forty-six people, who were in an area prohibited at the protests, were arrested, said the prefecture.

Make "silence" Zemmour

The team of Eric Zemmour had explained the choice of Villepinte by "popular craze" but precisely, too, for security reasons. The PS President of the Seine-Saint-Denis, Stéphane Troussel, had launched a petition to cancel the meeting by the owners of the place, the Viparis group, questioning it on its "charter of diversity".

On the sidelines of Éric Zemmour, a few hundred protesters parade in Paris

 On the sidelines of Éric Zemmour, a few hundred protesters parade in Paris © Sarah Meyssonnier / Reuters in Paris between Barbès and La Villette, the manifestation "to silence Eric Zemmour", started calmly. On the sidelines of the Meeting of Éric Zemmour, which takes place in Villepinte, a few hundred people gathered Sunday in Paris to denounce his candidacy for the presidential election. Inquiry also took place in an area for protests.

A Villepinte, this Sunday, were unveiled the name of the party - reconquest - with paid membership, as well as the "scenography" for the whole country. It should measure rallying, while the organization is criticized internally for its fragility and that more radical activists have incorporated the campaign, such as the former segregate and close to identities Gregory Tingaud, responsible for coordinating regional referents. Financial Charles Gave withdrew its support and the Sovereignist Philippe de Villiers will not be present Sunday.

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on the other hand, several personalities of the manif for all, opposite to the homosexual marriage, are in Villepinte: the former Conservative deputy Jean- Frédéric Fish, who has renounced his own candidacy in 2022 and will take care of the legislative, as well as Christine Boutin, who presided before him the little Christian-Democratic party (now "via the voice of the people"), and Laurence Trochu, president Conservative movement, associated with LR. The figure of "yellow vests" Jacline Mouraud will also be there to support Eric Zemmour and "represent popular France".

General Bertrand of the Chesnais, former list head for the RN in Carpentras (Vaucluse), which is already planning on defense issues, could be appointed Campaign Manager. The mayor of Béziers Robert Ménard, support from Marine Le Pen and friend of Eric Zemmour, hopes "proposals" after judging his candidacy announcement of an "apocalyptic darkness", as the whole of the political class. In addition to his tone, the video of the candidate had been criticized for his amateurism with the use of images without having the rights.

Violence at the Meeting of Éric Zemmour. A second member of Zouaves arrested .
© Laura Diab / AFP of the violence enamelled the Meeting of Éric Zemmour in Villepinte, on December 5th. A second member of the Zouaves Paris was arrested on Wednesday, December 15, learned France Inter from a source close to the investigation. This far-right group is suspected of being involved in the violence during the meeting of the presidential candidate Éric Zemmour in Villepinte.

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