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Offbeat: The best Harry Potter-Box is now available to the absolute lowest price - more than 100 euros Save

Real estate credits are still low, but less accessible

 Real estate credits are still low, but less accessible is above all the rising prices that will make buying more difficult in the coming months, while banks look more carefully at the records. While the US Central Bank has prepared the spirits for a rise in interest rates, in Europe the subject is still not relevant, despite the rise in inflation. Consequence, immovable credits rates remain at an incredibly low level.

The Harry Potter box as Blu-ray is currently much cheaper for the home theater. The special edition equipped with many extras includes 25 discs, among other things.

to the anniversary of Harry Potter and the stone of the ways appeared at the end of last year the new Harry Potter-Box Limited Edition with the Hogwarts Express as a shell whose bonus material bursts from all seams. You can now secure the edition at the following links. Amazon offers you a new lowest price for a short time.

Limited Harry Potter Box as a collector edition with Hogwarts Express and much more

at Amazon cost the edition for initial publication still 223.99 euros. Now you get them for under 100 euros. This also applies to the competition of Mediamarkt and Saturn.

Results of the Lotto: Discover the draw of this Saturday 15 January

 Results of the Lotto: Discover the draw of this Saturday 15 January © Capture TF1 Results of Lotto: discover the draw of this Saturday, January 15th The Lotto took into play a jackpot of 6 million euros this Saturday, January 15th. If you missed the draw of the day, Télé-leisure offers a catch-up session. become rich one day is the dream of many French. But what would you do with all this money? Buying new clothes, please enjoy your loved ones or invest in real estate ... The possibilities are immense.

The Harry Potter 4K UHD Blu-ray Box Set: What is the advantage?   Die beste Harry Potter-Box gibt es jetzt zum absoluten Tiefstpreis – mehr als 100 Euro sparen © Provided by Moviepilot The extensive bonus material of the new Harry Potter Edition at a glance Bonus disc with Harry Potter and the stone of the sages in the interactive magical movie fashion (English audio with German subtitles) Hogwarts Express packaging with 25 discs And collectors in the passenger carriage 7 cards with concept drawings Exclusive Hogwarts Express Ticket 7 Character Cards 32-Sided Jubilee Booklet and 32-Sided Hinter-Task Booklet to Harry Potter and the Stone of the Wise TM Mini-Poster The Complete 8 -Tige documentation The emergence of Harry Potters world on Blu-Ray

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COVID-19. The tests will cost "a little more than a billion and a half" in the state in January

 COVID-19. The tests will cost © Martin Roche / West-France the Minister delegated to the public accounts estimates a billion and a half the cost of testing in January. Photo Stock Illustration. The Minister Delegate to the Public Accounts Olivier Dussopt has advanced the cost of a billion and a half euros for the tests carried out in January. For vaccinations, a large part of the tests are supported by social security.

Technical Data on Box: 4K Image Quality and Extra Blu-Rays The box contains 25 Discs including all 8 films in 4K as well as all 8 movies of the series on Blu-ray The specials are also included as Blu-ray, the Magical Movie Code Edition comes to stone of the ways Blu-ray better picture than in stream: Why are blockbusters worthwhile at 4K?

straight fantasy movies like Harry Potter deserve the best possible quality in the home theater. Streaming transfers can have long been able to provide the image quality of a physical playback medium, some more, other less. The 4K Blu-ray is currently the highest resolution format for home video slices that there are.

The high resolution allows more details and more fluid movements when playing the films, the background are sharper, which has advantages in a movie with complex effects and a dynamic staging.

Which Harry Potter boxes else is there?

The new Harry Potter box is one of several, which are currently in circulation. Here you get an overview with other, cheaper Harry Potter boxes, but they are not as extensive as the new ones.

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