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Offbeat: Béguinage: a shared space as a solution to avoid EHPAD?

Students make 'fast' friends at Louise Arbour school's Ramadan club in London, Ont.

  Students make 'fast' friends at Louise Arbour school's Ramadan club in London, Ont. A school in north London, Ont., has set up a Ramadan club where members who choose to fast over the holy month can get together without being tempted by other students' food.But at this club, students aren't working to sharpen their skills at chess, calligraphy or computer coding.

Avoid the EHPAD at all costs. Victor Castanet's investigation book by which the scandal that affects these institutions welcoming the elderly - and more particularly the ORPEA group in this case - put back to the center of the debate the question of the future of seniors. But then, what solutions to avoid it? Esprit Béguinage, a structure composed of a solidarity property of social utility, in charge of the financing and an association of the same name bearing the social work proposes beguinage.

At the end of the 100 year war, this collective habitat was intended to help the widows of this conflict. "In the north of France, the Beguinages quickly became religious communities and the Belgian side, they remained secular. There are today several thousand beguinage in Belgium or Germany but in France, they had almost disappeared, "recalls with Figaro Paul de Rochebouët, President of the Association and Manager of the Foncière which ensures the financial assembly of the financial assembly of projects. In order to combat the isolation of the elderly, the beguinage is for a new audience.

One of Canada's original six astronauts and Space Shuttle vet dies

  One of Canada's original six astronauts and Space Shuttle vet dies One of Canada's original six space voyageurs has died. Bjarni Tryggvason, who was among the first six Canadians to enter the astronaut program, has died at the age of 76, the Canadian Space Agency has confirmed. Born in Reykjavik, Iceland, Tryggvason grew up in Vancouver. He studied engineering physics, worked as a meteorologist for the federal government and taught at universities in Japan and Australia as well as the University of Western Ontario (now Western University) before joining the space program in 1983. His one and only mission came aboard the space shuttle Discovery in 1997.

Beguinage, intergenerational social link creator

How does it work? In concrete terms, these are structures composed of 20 to 30 individual homes. To boost all, a collective accommodation completes the decor. Thus, beyond an individual dwelling, the senior enjoys shared spaces and a common house. To occupy one of these housing, whose area varies between 45 and 65 m², it will be necessary to pay between 320 and 500 euros per month. In addition, it will be necessary to keep an envelope between 120 and 150 euros per housing to honor the monthly contribution of the coordinator. This is the employee in charge of coordinating the life of the structure. This amount can be considered as a home help device, and thus be taken care of about 50% per month.

When the landlord can terminate at rent residue

 When the landlord can terminate at rent residue A punctual payment of the rent is one of the most important obligations of a tenant. But even if it does not run financially so well and the rent can not be paid punctually, there are legal regulations that can prevent the worst. © Provided by Frankhh / Fact is: tenants can not be thrown without further notice by termination from their home, because the Federal Court of Justice (BGH) has consciously highly stated the hurdles.

But that's not all. Beguinages also allow for the creation of intergenerational social link. To do this, they settle in towns and villages, close to schools. Established in 2018, Esprit Béguinage, concentrates its device in small territories of less than 10,000 inhabitants: "We wanted to complete a hole in the racket between home maintenance and specialized residences type EHPAD and complete the deficiency of offers in the territories. Real estate investors want to set up in large agglomerations while there is a large amount of seniors in the territories, "details Paul de Rochebouet. The activity continues to develop with many projects underway, which rehabilitate former places more or less left abandoned.

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three Chinese back from a record stay in the .
space © AFP / Archives C ' is the longest stay ever made by the China in space: the three astronauts of the Mission Shenzhou-13 returned on earth Saturday after six months spent in the Chinese space station. This is a successful new step for Beijing in its ambitious space program to catch up with the United States , the Europe and the Russia .

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