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Offbeat: fighting in Jerusalem: Around 100 injured in clashes on Temple Mount

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for heavy clashes between Palestinian demonstrators and Israeli security forces on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem have been violated around 100 people. As the Palestinian Red Crescent reported, 90 people were brought into hospitals. Dozens injured would be treated on the site. Eyewitnesses as well as an AFP photographer reported stone thrifts from Palestinians towards Israeli security forces.

Auf dem Al-Aqsa-Gelände in Jerusalem ist es zu Ausschreitungen zwischen israelischen Sicherheitskräften und Palästinensern gekommen. © Picture Alliance / DPA On the Al-AQSA terrain in Jerusalem, it has come to riots between Israeli security forces and Palestinians.

These fired with rubber cartridge on some Palestinian demonstrators. The Israeli police spoke of three injured in their ranks. At 04.00 in the morning, "dozens of masked young rioters" began, some of which wore banners of armed Islamist Hamas movement, a "procession" on the Temple Mount. They threw stones towards the adjacent casualtification, the most important prayer site of Judaism, whereupon the Israeli security forces intervene in order to "restore the order".

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after a stop series with a total of 14 dead the tensions between the Palestinians and Israeli security forces recently increased significantly again. After inserting the Israeli army in the West Bank, three Palestinians had been killed on Thursday. Overall, 21 Palestinians died at violence in the past three weeks. The growing tensions fall into the Muslim Fasting Monat Ramadan.

last year, collisions on the Temple Mount and around the Al-Aksa Mosque had led to day-to-day heavy fighting between the radicalal glaman Hamas in the Gaza Strip and Israeli security forces. The terrain with the mosque and the adjacent rock dome is considered the third Sichige site of Islam. The site designated by the Jews as Temple mountain is managed by Jordan, but Israel controls the additions. Because of the feared renewed escalation, Israeli and Jordanian officials had enhanced conversations before the start of the Ramadan, how clashes between the Palestinians and security forces left.

in particular this weekend, in the middle of Ramadan, the authorities feared violent conflicts in Jerusalem, as the Christian Easter celebrations and Jewish Pessach celebrations started with prayers at the Wailing recycling - a rare agreement of the calendars of the three major monotheistic religions. (AFP)

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