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Offbeat: Emma (Honey 25): a star of Harry Potter at the cast of this adaptation of the eponymous novel of Jane Austen

Stranger than fiction: amazing movie biographies

  Stranger than fiction: amazing movie biographies Fact is stranger than fiction

Emma (Chérie 25) : une star de Harry Potter au casting de cette adaptation du roman éponyme de Jane Austen © BBC Emma (darling 25): a star of Harry Potter at the cast of this adaptation of the eponymous novel of Jane Austen Emma and its delicious Marivaudages landed this Saturday, April 16th on Honey 25. This successful British series, adapted from Jane Austen's eponymous novel, has a beautiful casting. Among the actors, a star of Harry Potter!

Emma, ​​the heroin of Jane Austen adapted to fiction arrives on Honey 25, the chain highlighted the English writer in a high cycle broadcast every Saturday until June 4th (after Emma will follow the telefilm Reason & Feelings Then The Series Jane Austen: Welcome to Sanditon ). "Apart from me, no one will really love him ..." Thus the British autor of the eighteenth century spoke of the character she imagined and that darling 25 offers to taste as a mini-series this Saturday 16 April at 21:05. It is true that this rich heiress, whose liveliness of mind is equal only the snobbery, is not the most "kind" of the characters of the British autore. But in his stubbornness to do at all costs the happiness of others, even if he is spoiled, this series brush is very endearing ... Emma delivers a tasty painting of the English company at the dawn of the 19th century. Themes of the place of women and the stakes of marriage are discussed as a means of economically subsisting and rising socially, mundane hypocrisy and, of course, love. In addition to the beauty of costumes and decorations, the series is served by a high-flying distribution.

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 The world of J. K. Rowling is always so rich and bearer with a tolerance message in "Fantastic animals: the secrets of Dumbledore »In Room this Wednesday © Jaap Buitndijk / Warner Bros France Eddie Redmayne in" Fantastic Animals: DaMbledore's Secrets "by David Yates Magic - The world of J. K.

A three-star cast

is the malicious Romola Garai, that gives thanks to the crackers of Emma Woodhouse. Revealed to the general public thanks to the movie Dirty Dancing 2, in which she chained the paces with Diego Luna ( Snape One: A Star Wars Story , Narcos ), the British comedian is then distinguished in Vanity Fair. alongside Reese Witherspoon and gives the replica to Scarlett Johansson in Scoop . On the small screen, she has incarnate Bel Rowley in The Hour. Jonny Lee Miller lends his elegance and phlegm to Mr. Knightley, the neighbor, friend and more if Emma's affinities. Known to embody the famous Sherlock Holmes detective in the Elementary series, The Anglo-American actor also shown in trainspotting and dark shadows ...

michael gambon on the poster of emma

last butt NOT LEAST is Michael Gambon who plays the very protective father protecting Emma, ​​the venerable Mr. Woodhouse. Harry Potter fans will recognize under the closed wig of this British lord one of the heroes of their favorite saga. Michael Gambon has indeed embedded Albus Dumbledore from the third film relating the adventures of the little wizard.

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+++ opinion +++ © 2021 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved "Fantastic Exit 3": This heartbreaking scene is one of the highlights of the entire "Harry Potter" series that the "Harry Potter" films still enjoy such a popularity, not only on the magical world, whose miracles and dangers we as a spectator with the protagonist * in Harry ( Daniel Radcliffe ), Ron ( Rupert Grint ) and Hermione ( Emma Watson ) must always be found again.

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