Offbeat: Fire in Gironde: What compensation for holidaymakers who shorten their stay?

United Kingdom: A spectacular fire ravages a village east of London

 United Kingdom: A spectacular fire ravages a village east of London A hundred firefighters were deployed to master this fire which has spread over an area of ​​forty hectares. © supplied by Franceinfo A hundred firefighters were deployed on Tuesday July 19, to fight a fire that raged in a village east of London. According to the images taken from a helicopter from the Sky News channel, the fire has traveled from the fields and destroys several buildings and houses from the village of Wennington, about thirty kilometers from the center of the British capital.

Since July 12, impressive fires have destroyed more than 7,000 hectares of forests in Gironde. At the surrounding area, campsites make the early departures of holidaymakers who see their ...

Incendies en Gironde : quelles indemnisations pour les vacanciers qui écourtent leur séjour ? © ISTOCK / Byronsdad fires in Gironde: what compensation for holidaymakers who shorten their stay?

immediately arrived, immediately left. Camping vacationers located near the Pilat dune in Gironde saw their holidays shortened by impressive fires. State services as well as the various campsite departments have made the decision to evacuate summer visitors due to forest fires. Upset, the stays that could not be made are subject to the question: can I be reimbursed for my stay because of the fires at my vacation place? The answer is quite complex and differs depending on the case. As the southwest media recalls, Tourism professionals are generally well insured and the managers of the campsites should therefore be compensated without difficulty. This should allow them to compensate without problem their customers impacted by the loss ”. This is also the case for holidaymakers who had not yet started their stay in campsites affected by fires in Gironde. No proof is to be provided in these two cases.

fires in Gironde: Emmanuel Macron promises a "national project" for the forest

 fires in Gironde: Emmanuel Macron promises a © Pool Reuters Emmanuel Macron congratulated, Wednesday, the firefighters, at the Teste-de-Buch command post (Gironde). La Teste-de-Buch Since Tuesday, July 12, The Gironde fires have destroyed more than 20,000 hectares of forest and resulted in the evacuation of 37,000 people. On Wednesday afternoon, a week after the fire, the President of the Republic went there, at the command post the Teste-de-Buch , then in Langon.

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of the situations which remain vague often set on a case -by -case basis for the other cases, it all depends on the contracts taken out by vacationers during the reservation. Even if there are still

"many unknowns " for this kind of circumstances, know that if you are assured multi -risk, everything is done without any problem. "For the others, it is good to know that the home insurance of its main accommodation includes a vacation guarantee for stays outside its usual residence", adds South West. You just have to think about activating it before going on vacation! The visa and mastercard provide all the stays that have been paid with it. In case of cancellation, contact your insurer directly which is included with your bank card.

Fire in Gironde: Emmanuel Macron expected on site, but what for?

 Fire in Gironde: Emmanuel Macron expected on site, but what for? The Head of State is expected on the scene of fires, which have already burned nearly 21,000 hectares, this Wednesday from midday. He will go "to people mobilized" against the megafeux, confirmed the Elysée, but defends himself from a "communication operation". © supplied by Franceinfo to move, note, thank: Emmanuel Macron cannot go further. "He will not make any announcements, believes to know a minister. It would immediately be perceived as an admission of failure." While 20,600 hectares burn

Despite everything, there are still many shadows. Indeed, as the Parisian reports in an article, Nicolas Dayot, the president of the National Federation of Outdoor Hotel, explains that each situation remains different and must be settled on a case by case basis because, for example, some customers have insurance, others not. In addition,

As Recalls-Public Service, it is not enough to have insurance to be compensated. Indeed, it is necessary that a natural disaster decree be published by the prefecture in order to facilitate compensation procedures with your insurer.

Saxon Switzerland on flames: The fire and its effects .
Bad Schandau - The Brand in Saxon Switzerland , after two devastating floods, presents new challenges in the past 20 years. Because in view of the climate forecasts with a prediction of increasing extreme weather conditions, at least one thing seems to be stuck: Saxony has to prepare better for such disasters. © provided by Tag24 A helicopter of the federal police flies with a external exterior load tank to extinguish the forest fire.

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