Offbeat: forest fires in Morocco. The fire resumes in the north of the country, two women die

Greece: The firefighters always mobilized to stop the fire near Athens

 Greece: The firefighters always mobilized to stop the fire near Athens © Aris Oikonomou nearly 500 firefighters are always mobilized to try to extinguish the fire which affects the northern suburbs of Athens. Aris Oikonomou/AFP in the four corners of Europe, from Spain to France via Greece, forest fires are wreaking havoc in these periods of hot weather.

Dans cette même zone, où des milliers d'hectares ont été dévastés récemment par des feux de forêt, plus de 700 familles originaires d'une douzaine de douars (villages) ont dû être déplacées depuis lundi . © Fadel Senna / AFP in this same area, where thousands of hectares were recently devastated by forest fires, more than 700 families from a dozen de Douars (villages) had to be moved since Monday.

Two women died by "asphyxiation" after the departure of several forest fires, Monday evening, in the province of Larache, in northern Morocco. The fire resumed in this Moroccan region which was devastated by the flames in mid-July.

Two women died by "asphyxiation" after the departure on Monday evening of several forest fires in the province of Larache, in northern Morocco, already recently tested by destructive fires, we learned on Tuesday from local authorities.

What is a Canadair?

 What is a Canadair? © Jean-Pierre Muller/AFP with the fires in Gironde, some elected officials raised the question of the sufficiency and efficiency of the French Canadair fleet to cope with large fires. But what is a Canadair? Canadair is a water bomber plane used for the fight against forest fires.

These deaths bring to four the number of people who have died because of the fires in the north of the kingdom since mid-July. The last two victims "did not want to answer the calls of local authorities to evacuate the housing threatened by the fires," the provincial authorities of Larache told AFP.

More than 700 displaced families

The day before, a volunteer had perished in the province of Taounate (North) while fighting the flames alongside the intervention teams mobilized to extinguish a fire which ravaged at least 33 hectares of land wooded, mainly planted with pines.

Another person, victim of the flames, died in the province of Larache in mid-July.

In this same area, where thousands of hectares were recently devastated by forest fires, more than 700 families from a dozen douars (villages) had to be moved since Monday as a preventive basis. Four homes were still active late Tuesday evening in the Larache region, south of Tangier.

Wave of "extreme heat" in the United States, alarming fire in California

 Wave of © David Swanson The Californian fire moved to almost 5000 hectares. Reuters/David Swanson An Wave of "extreme heat" hits tens of millions of Americans this weekend, with many temperature records expected in the center and the northeast and a forest fire spreading alarmingly in California. The fire "Oak Fire" -written as "explosive" by the authorities broke out on Friday in the county of Mariposa, near the Yosemite National Park and its giant sequoias.

The Floor Anti-Entering Services are seconded there by four Canadair water bombers who get their supplies in a neighboring dam and off the Mediterranean port in Tangier.

Four other claims, fueled by strong winds, still spread in the province of Tanouate, according to local authorities. A threatened village has been secure. Finally, another fire has destroyed 35 hectares of wooded lands since Monday evening in the province of Fahs-Anjra, also to the north, according to the same sources.

"The reality of climate change"

Friday, the Moroccan government has released an emergency aid of almost 30 million euros to implement measures in favor of the victims of the forest fires and reduce their impact on the agricultural activity and the environment.

According to the Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development and Waters and Forests, Mohamed Sadiki, the total area affected by the forest fires recently in several northern regions of the Kingdom reached 10,300 hectares . By way of comparison, 2,782 hectares of forest had been destroyed by 285 fires from January to September 2021, in particular in the mountainous region of Rif (North).

For Said Chakri, a Moroccan environmentalist, these fires are largely due to human causes, but "the reality of climate change" has contributed. Morocco has been struck for several weeks by scorching temperatures, in a context of extraordinary drought and water stress.

Cooler weather could offer respite to crews battling wildfire near Penticton, B.C. .
VANCOUVER — Snow-making machines from a British Columbia mountain resort are being used for the first time in the province to fight wildfires, the BC Wildfire Service said Tuesday. The equipment on Beaconsfield Mountain near Penticton has been running around the clock since Saturday as a nearby fire threatens Apex Mountain Resort and many homes nearby. James Shalman, the general manager of the resort, said the idea to use snow-making machines originated 30 years ago and has remained in its fire-prevention plan ever since. "This is nothing new. It's just new that we've had a fire," he said in an interview Tuesday. "We're doing everything we can at a preventive level.

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