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AMICAL: Rennes dominates Nantes

 AMICAL: Rennes dominates Nantes supplied by Guirassy for its last preparation match before the Champions Trophy Sunday evening against Paris Saint-Germain, FC Nantes faced Stade Rennais this Wednesday in Saint-Nazaire . ⏱ End of match I The preparation ends with a defeat. Now let's turn to the Champions Trophy on Sunday in Tel Aviv.

Ibrahim Mahama est un artiste ghanéen qui a déjà exposé à Sydney, Venise, Manchester et Amsterdam. © Ouest-France Ibrahim Mahama is a Ghanaian artist who has already exhibited in Sydney, Venice, Manchester and Amsterdam.

For his first personal exhibition in France, the Ghanaian artist Ibrahim Mahama offers a visual and sound immersion in space and time, at the Regional Contemporary Art Fund, on the island of Nantes, until October 2.

Ibrahim Mahama is a maniac. The Ghanaian thirties have always collected fabrics, sewing machines, cocoa jute canvas bags, discs ... on the central antenna of the Regional Contemporary Art Fund (FRAC) where it is invited, for the first times in France, by the new director and exhibition commissioner, Claire Staebler, the artist, with The Memory of Love, has however departed mania that makes his style: he is used to packing monumental structures, recalling Christo.

PSG: Private Mbappé of the Champions Trophy

 PSG: Private Mbappé of the Champions Trophy The best PSG striker will not play the first meeting of the season against Nantes, just like a new recruit. © supplied by Football 365 Mbappé Urawa those who hoped to see Sunday evening an association Kylian Mbappé - Hugo Ekitike will have to wait. The top scorer in Paris Saint-Germain will be suspended in Tel Aviv for the Champions Trophy.

The space located at the end of the Antilles Quai receives a work as disconcerting as it is affordable: huge wooden doors have been wrapped in wax, this fabric that is said to be African but which is "a cultural appropriation, since 'He is actually Dutch ”, specifies the man, who wishes, by this transformation in a Upcycling way, to inscribe his work in history.

After the doors, the windows come, whose jealousies are also underpinned with textiles with chicken patterns, hunting, swallows or brain of Kofi Annan (homage to his illustrious compatriot). Armchairs have also been covered, on which visitors can sit, as if to desecrate art.

Three rays of vintage vinyls are exposed to eye tall, whose graphic interest fascinates Ibrahim Mahama. He wished to animate this exhibition by giving the spectator the possibility of becoming a listener: you can ask to listen to these post-independence black music standards on site.

A video running in a loop shows how Ibrahim Mahama excavates a place abandoned by British settlers in the country, to make it an art center for new generations. Exhuming relics for "Imagining new forms and connecting the past to the present" is what the artist is looking for by the accumulation that is The Memory of Love.

Until October 2, from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., at FRAC, 21, Quai des Antilles, in Nantes, free entry,

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