Offbeat: Appenzeller Brewery sells minced meat substitutes from beer feters

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An Aargau Mälzerei wants to develop replacement meat from beer feters. "We already have it!" It says in Appenzell. The lasagna mouth very excellent.

The announcement has triggered Bierbrauer Aurèle Meyer. a few days ago, malt producer Christoph Nyfeler announced that they want to develop a new procedure together with the mill manufacturer Bühler to produce meat replacement from brewery waste . Vleisch from Malz.

"We already have that," says Meyer. By “we” he means the Appenzeller brewery Locher, who supplies the whole of Switzerland with her freshly fresh beer. Meyer is her managing director.

has been working on products that are manufactured with brewery residues for several years. Especially the tendril, the used malt, is used for them: from chips to ready -made pizza and muesli to fish feed. or as a meat replacement. The ideas do not run out of the Appenzellers.

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"We already have two different products," says Brauerei boss Meyer. "Hack and Schnitz". "The feedback is very good - with the lasagna there is hardly any difference to the conventional variant."

The products have been successfully tested with gastro partners and butchers and are currently selling them locally in the two Appenzell. In a second step, the products are now to be rolled out nationally via gastronomy and retailers

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The malt meat consists of 75 percent and due to the nutrient content "from a nutritional point of view," says Meyer. The malt is drained during the brewing process so that the sugar can be solved and used as the basis for alcoholic fermentation. However,

other raw materials remain in the stir, which is why it is traditionally used as animal feed. According to the “Neue Zürcher Zeitung”,

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numbers from the SBV brewery association, according to the SBV brewery association, are incurred in Switzerland a year. From this-or at least from part of it-Mälzerei operator Nyfeler also wanted to produce vegetable meat from 2023.

Nyfeler started with his malt shop last year and said at the beginning of this year to the “Handelszeitung” that he rely not only on beer and whiskey production, but also on food production . At that time, however, he still referred to the direct use of malt. The now developed process for processing Treber is unique and already patented.

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