Offbeat: Bundeswehr draws 60 soldiers from airport base in Mali from

"No country has been so shaken": Ischinger advises to reorganize German foreign policy

 Germany must rethink his foreign and security policy, says the ex-boss of the Munich security conference. He also demanded further arms deliveries. © Photo: Picture Alliance/dpa Wolfgang Ischinger (archive picture) Germany, from the perspective of the former chairman of the Munich Security Conference, Wolfgang Ischinger, as a result of the Ukraine War , completely reorganized its foreign and security policy.

Berlin. Again and again the use of the UN peacekeeper in Mali is hindered by the government there. The doubts about a further participation of the Bundeswehr in the mission - also in the traffic light coalition.

 Ein Bundeswehrsoldat sichert den Airbus A400M, mit dem die deutsche Verteidigungsministerin auf dem Flughafen gelandet ist. (Archivfoto) © Kay Nietfeld A Bundeswehr soldier secures the Airbus A400M, with which the German Defense Minister ended up at the airport. (Archivfoto)

The Bundeswehr has deducted 60 soldiers from a logistics base at the airport in the Malian capital Bamako and has thus complied with the Malian government. The soldiers were moved to the nearby UN Camp BiFrost, as the Bundeswehr command command announced on Friday. The Bundeswehr's conditions of operation in Mali are more difficult - and the doubts about a continuation of the mission of more than 1,000 German soldiers in the West African crisis country.

Canadian Armed Forces to start training Ukrainian soldiers in third country

  Canadian Armed Forces to start training Ukrainian soldiers in third country OTTAWA — Defence Minister Anita Anand is expected to announce that the Canadian Armed Forces will start training Ukrainian soldiers in a third country. The move comes nearly six months after Canada suspended its previous training mission in Ukraine just weeks before Russian forces invaded the country. It also follows the return on Sunday of 150 Canadian soldiers who were first deployed to Poland in April to help with a flood of Ukrainian refugees flowing over the border.

"If the security of the soldiers can no longer be guaranteed, then we cannot stay," said the deputy leader of the Greens, Agnieszka Brugger, on Bavarian Radio. In view of the military government's harassment, she feels "the greatest annoyance and absolute lack of understanding".

Video: upgrading the Bundeswehr: CSU for nuclear deterrence (SAT.1)

of the CDU/CSU parliamentary group vice Johann Wadephul asked the Federal Government to create clarity. "This political confusion is neither to be expected to continue the soldiers nor the international community," he said.

The Malian authorities had instructed at the beginning of the week that all foreign soldiers had to leave the company premises of the company "Sahel Aviation Services" (SAS) on the airport site within 72 hours. According to the Bundeswehr, the SAS company is tenants to operate a logistics hub at the airport.

Mali with around 20 million inhabitants has experienced three military coups since 2012 and is considered politically extremely unstable. Since the latest coup in May 2021, the country has been managed by a military transitional government to maintain close relationships with Russia. Since then, the use of the UN peacekeeper Minusma has been repeatedly affected.

Mali: The rotations of the contingents of the UN mission will resume .
© Seyllou, AFP of German soldiers of the detachment of parachutists of Minusma are looking for explosive devices during a patrol on the Gao road in Gossi, In Mali, August 2, 2018. The rotations of the contingents of the UN mission in Mali (Minusma), suspended for a month, will resume on Monday with a new approval mechanism in a context of diplomatic tensions between Bamako and its partners, a spokesman for the mission said on Saturday.

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