Offbeat: Taiwan throws China Simulation of attack on his main island in front of

China: Taiwan's violent intake

 China: Taiwan's violent intake since last week China has militarily play his muscles against Taiwan. The leadership in Beijing has now put on paper what role military means could play in a possible conquest of the island. © Gong Yulong/Xinhua/Xinhua News Agency/Picture Alliance China Flying over the street of Taiwan The Chinese government has confirmed in a new white book in Taiwan - if necessary - violently enforced its entitlement to the island .

Taiwan, China has accused China of simulating an attack on the main island of the Taiwanese in his military maneuvers. Taiwan's armed forces had made up for numerous Chinese aircraft and ships in the region of Taiwanstrasse, some of which had exceeded the unofficial maritime border between China and Taiwan known as the center line, the Ministry of Defense in Taipei on Saturday. The maneuvers were classified as the "simulation of an attack on Taiwan's main island".

Taiwan hat China vorgeworfen, bei seinen Militärmanövern einen Angriff auf die taiwanische Hauptinsel simuliert zu haben. Derweil traf US-Außenminister Antony Blinken in Manila den neuen Staatschef der Philippinen, Ferdinand Marcos Jr. © Hector Retamal Taiwan has accused China of simulating an attack on the main island of Taiwan in his military maneuvers. Meanwhile, US Foreign Minister Antony flashed in Manila the new head of state of the Philippines, Ferdinand Marcos Jr.

China had started huge military maneuvers off the coast of Taiwan on Thursday to respond to a visit to the US top politician Nancy Pelosi, which will take until Sunday must. Numerous Chinese fighter jets and ships disregarded the unofficial maritime border between China and Taiwan.

On the way to Asia, Nancy Pelosi maintains the blur on his visit to Taiwan

 On the way to Asia, Nancy Pelosi maintains the blur on his visit to Taiwan © AP - Andy Wong Beijing warned Washington that a visit to Nancy Pelosi in Taiwan would be a "red line". Here in the Chinese capital, on July 31, 2022. The president of the American House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, confirmed this Sunday, July 31, being on the way to Asia, without mentioning a possible stage in Taiwan which could make the more the relations between China and the United States.

The US government called China on Friday to hire the maneuvers. "The Chinese can do a lot to reduce tensions by simply ending their provocative military exercises and moderately moderate," said the spokesman for the National Security Council in the White House, John Kirby. The United States wanted to maintain its military contacts with the People's Republic "at the highest level".

The Chinese government had previously canceled a conversation between military leaders and two security meetings with the USA. Beijing also exposed the exchange with the USA to fight climate change. Kirby criticized these decisions as "deeply irresponsible".

Meanwhile, Secretary of State Antony Antony was flashing in Manila on Saturday the new head of state of the Philippines, Ferdinand Marcos Jr. Blinking recognized the alliance between the two countries: "The alliance is strong and I think it can get even stronger." Marcos spoke of a "special relationship" of both countries.

The USA and the Philippines have a security alliance. Washington has repeatedly supported Manila in disputes with Beijing about area claims in the South China Sea.


Taiwan cancels an LGBT+ global event after the request to rename it .
© Reuters/Tyrone Siu Taiwan had won the organization of the WorldPride 2025 last year, an event combining walks and cultural events, is at the forefront of LGBT rights in Asia, with the legalization of homosexual marriage in 2019, a first in the region. (Illustration image) An LGBT+ world event was canceled this Friday by Taiwanese officials in protest after the world's demand to withdraw Taiwan from the entitled of the event.

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