Offbeat: A Breton city goes to war against seasonal rentals

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Une ville bretonne part en guerre contre les locations saisonnières © Pixabay A Breton city goes to war against seasonal rentals A Breton town, prized for tourists in summer, decided to fight against short -term rentals , because the latter have flambé prices and locals can no longer be housed.

The summer, Saint-Malo, in Ille-et-Vilaine, sees its population multiplied by four. With its mythical ramparts, its seafront and its beaches, the Breton town of 45,000 inhabitants has, for several years, has become a destination prized by tourists. However, the influx of visitors began to cringe some Malouins.

Our colleagues from France 3 collected, Monday, August 8, the testimonies of premises complaining of the massive arrival of tourists in their commune. In addition to the various noise pollution, the inhabitants especially denounce the increase in real estate prices. Many holidaymakers prefer seasonal rentals, such as Airbnb , rather than staying in hotels. Faced with the sea, the key boxes thus invaded the walls of the city, a symbol of short -term rentals. Result: the prices of rentals, like sales, have soared and the Falklands no longer manage to find accommodation.

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to respond to the concerns of the inhabitants, the municipality therefore decided to fight against the seasonal rentals. For the past year, it has indeed imposed restrictions with quotas per neighborhood. And if the owners want to rent their good over a short time, they must request a "change of use", a kind of permit, at the town hall. Without this authorization, it is impossible to hire your accommodation.

Since this limitation of short-term rentals, the number of apartments on sale has thus increased in Saint-Malo, rejoices the mayor, Gilles Lurton. Currently, 3,000 rentals have been recorded and 371 refused in the town. However, this measure did not only do happy. Sylvie Mitteaux-Martin, retired, had to stop renting four of her accommodation. Unhappy, she and other owners have therefore decided to attack the town hall in court, because they judge that these restrictions are illegal.

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