Offbeat: Do you want to know how long you will live? It is now possible thanks to science

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Combien d’années de vie une maladie peut-elle nous enlever ? Des chercheurs ont la réponse © supplied by Gentside How many years of life can a disease take us? Researchers have the answer

in France, life expectancy is established today at 85 for women and 79 years for men. According to the results of a study by Andrei Gudkov, our maximum life would be between 120 and 150 years. "The most effective prevention and treatment of diseases could only improve the average lifespan, but not the maximum lifespan, unless real anti-aging therapies are developed," said the team of researchers Russians of Andrei Gudkov. If the majority of French people do not exceed a hundred years, science can now teach us how long we will live. Researchers at the University of Arhus in Denmark have indeed managed to establish an average of the number of years of life lost for each person with one of the 1,800 pathologies identified.

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The life expectancy of sick people is shorter

in the magazine Plos Medicine , the scientists led by Okeguer Plana-Ripoll have followed 7 million Danes for 18 years in order to observe the development, the evolution and mortality of different pathologies. Unsurprisingly, academics confirmed that sick people had a shorter life expectancy. For the needs of this study, they notably looked into circulatory, endocrine, pulmonary, gastrointestinal, urogenital, musculoskeletal, hematological, mental and neurological, and different forms of cancer. They were able to discover that Life expectancy of an allergic person fell by 4 months against 17 years for a person suffering from chronic hepatic disease.

A website would better understand the evolution of

diseases in order to help each other, scientists have created the the Danish Atlas of Disease Mortality website. In an interview with the New Scientist , Oleguer Plana-Ripoll explained: " they can then see what the mortality rates of these patients at this age. and know if they need to organize consultations additional follow -up with these people. " Invited in the program Evening 3 , on France 3, Martin Legros, editor -in -chief of Philosophy Magazine, was reluctant to the idea of ​​ knowing the date of his death . "Man is a mortal (...) He ruminates death all his life (...) Meditating his death, that means anticipating his existence, measuring the meaning of his existence as something that belongs to us. If the date of Death is recorded in a computer, our existence as such no longer belongs to us, "he said.

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