Offbeat: has there been a man -made climate change earlier?

Bauer against large corporations: the plaintiff wants to be known to VW

 Bauer against large corporations: the plaintiff wants to be known to VW in a climate protection dispute between a organic farmer and the Volkswagen car company, the Detmold district court announced its decision on Friday. With the lawsuit, the farmer Ulf Allhoff-Cramer wants to force that Volkswagen will continue to sell cars with combustion engines in the coming years and to hire in 2030. VW has applied for a dismissal. © Lino Mirgeler/dpa farmer Ulf Allhoff-Cramer makes the car company VW responsible for damage to his farm.

They cost countless human life, they plunged world empires, they still influence our lives today - and yet many disasters are not known to the public. WDW about some of the unnoticed incidents in world history.

Dürre durch Klimawandel © Clintspencer/iStock Dürre Due to climate change has there been a man -made climate change earlier?

John Lloyd Stephens is dirty and sweaty. He has hardly slept in the past few days. He is in discovery fever. During an expedition, he came across a pyramid in the jungle of Mexico in 1839.

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The Negev Desert, Laboratory of Wines of an overheating planet

 The Negev Desert, Laboratory of Wines of an overheating planet © AFP It has been growing for three years for growing their trellies in southern Israel, country with strong wine production, although little or bad known to foreign palaces. In a quasi lunar setting, at the first light of the day, before the sun reaches its zenith and makes heat overwhelming, harvesting of neighboring villages pick the black and groped grapes intended for the first cuvée of the pinto.

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next to it is an aqueduct and a temple decorated with writing. Clearly the work of a high culture - and unaffected for centuries. Stephens is a US ambassador and knows the country. Most natives live in simple circumstances and are illiterate.

How a photo The career of athlete Allison Stokke destroyed

So who were the builders - and where did they go? What Stephens has no idea: The ruins are the traces of the first climate disaster made ...

When the Mayan culture disappears in the 9th century, it has existed for 3000 years. It reached the climax in the 6th and 7th centuries. But 200 years later, the climate changes - a dry phase begins.

High Cultures as a victim of self-inflicted climate changes

Sometimes it hardly rains for years. The result: crop failures, hunger and conflicts. The realm of the Maya extends over an area at that time, as large as the Federal Republic of Germany. People live in metropolises with up to 50,000 inhabitants.

The Queen and her Canadian prime ministers: An exclusive oral history

  The Queen and her Canadian prime ministers: An exclusive oral history Historian and political speechwriter Arthur Milnes has spent years studying the Crown’s relationship with Canada and its leaders, and assembled this exclusive oral history of Elizabeth’s remarkable and enduring bond with her Canadian prime ministers. Justin Trudeau 23rd Prime Minister of Canada From an interview with Arthur Milnes “I have taken every single opportunity I have had, to have those personal moments and connections with her. Getting that personal connection is really, really important … because I do so value her perspective and just enjoy chatting with her more than just about anyone else in the world … Prime Ministers [of Canada] are in a very uniqu

In order to compensate for the lack of food, the Maya do what has always done civilizations of: forests, enlarge and increase its yields. But that is exactly a climatic fire accelerator.

The problem: The ground is drained through the intensification of agriculture. In addition, the cleared areas reflect more sunlight. A domino effect that is sufficient to get the sensitive climate out of balance.

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Tom Sever - the only archaeologist at NASA - explains: "Due to the clear cut, the temperatures rose by up to five degrees - the precipitation decreased by a third at the same time."

The consequence: a hundred -year -old super village. And that leads to famines and political unrest. The population drops rapidly metropolises to ghost cities. In the end,

the homemade climate crash deletes a highly developed culture with written language, mathematics and engineering. The trail of the Maya is lost - until that day when John Stephens begins to dig up their cities again.

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The mood in the German economy has deteriorated significantly in view of the Ukraine secretary and the aftermath of pandemic. The IFO business climate fell to 84.3 points in September for the previous month, as the Munich Economic Research Institute announced on Monday. This is the lowest level since May 2020. Experts had expected clouding, but only 87 points. The mood had mostly clouded in the months before.

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