Offbeat: Le Canard François Ruffin Only in its Coin Coin

More than 40,000 migrants have already crossed the Channel this year to the United Kingdom, a record

 More than 40,000 migrants have already crossed the Channel this year to the United Kingdom, a record Francois Lo Presti a pneumatic boat, life jackets and other materials commonly used by migrants to cross the English Channel On a sand dune from Wimereux beach, in December 2021, in the north of France. (Illustration) AFP/Francois lo presti) The number of migrants having carried out the perilous crossing the round aboard makeshift boats to join the United Kingdom exceeded the 40,000 mark on Sunday, a record, A indicated the British Defense Ministry.

François Ruffin, en janvier 2021. © Boby François Ruffin, in January 2021.

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"He became the villain little duckling", smiles an elected rebellious France (LFI). "Il", is François Ruffin. He is criticized for playing it solo , even if it means taking out the collective imposed by group life. "He makes amendments on his own, it tires the friends. He never comes to group meetings too, it pisses him off ”, notes our rebellious parliamentarian. The Ruffin case occupies the media space: the deputy for the Somme tries to fill the void left by a hypothetical withdrawal from Jean-Luc Mélenchon.

Dead of COVID: François Braun is still angry with figures

 Dead of COVID: François Braun is still angry with figures © Marie Rouge Paris, October 11, 2022. Portrait of François Braun, Minister of Health and Prevention. decidedly. In an interview with the Parisian published on November 11, François Braun had affirmed that France still had one death of the COVVID every ten minutes. Or nearly 150 per day. An erroneous figure, like Checknews had corrected it . On Tuesday, the Minister of Health gave another figure ... lower, but hardly more relevant.

So, under this new legislature, Ruffin calms the game. He now rejects noise and fury to the Assembly and claims "Social Democrat" in L'Obs . "But when he says that to L'Obs, does not make a socialist , tempers another rebellious deputy. We don't think of Bernard Cazeneuve. " According to the JDD, Ruffin even recently lunch with Olivier Faure, entrusting him with his wish "to hybridize the two" cultures, rebellious and socialist, namely "noise and credibility", according to the boss PS. "He has audience, he politicizes people. It is not useless in his role of free electron. This is an ally ", continues our first elected official who notes that Ruffin will release a book for one of the great moments of the coming year: pension reform.

This ideal son -in -law can surprise. "The image of LFI Troublionne which is heard at seventeen deputies, during the previous legislature is him", analyzes one of his relatives. "It’s good there comes. It was he who put football jerseys in the hemicycle, " adds our deputy cited above. The same esteem despite everything that Ruffin plays her too personal. This makes broken pots: " if he thinks that in 2027 , we will have a primary, why not."

Russia accuses Pope Francis of ‘racist’ .
Russian officials quickly denounced the Pope's words. © provided by Bang Showbiz Russia accused Pope Francis of "racist" comments during an interview. The Sovereign Pontiff returned to the war in Ukraine in an interview for the Catholic magazine America and the latter said that the Chechen and Breta soldiers are more "cruel" than the others.

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