Offbeat: China: Sheep go around in circles for several days without stopping ... And we do not know why

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for the time being, the most likely thesis remains that of an infection with a bacteria

En Chine, des moutons ont tourné en rond pendant deux semaines sans s'arrêter pour une raison encore inconnue. Illustration. © Pixabay in China, sheep went around in circles for two weeks without stopping for a still unknown reason. Drawing. Mysteria - For the time being, the most likely thesis remains that of an infection at an

bacteria what happened in the region of inner Mongolia, located north of the China ? A herd of several tens of sheep was both strange and disturbing. According to the Chinese state media People’s Daily, the animals were spotted on November 4 going around in circles. And they continued like this for at least twelve days, without stopping. The images were captured by the owner's video surveillance cameras, says La Dépêche du Midi .

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  'Alarming': MPs to investigate China's alleged 2019 election interference OTTAWA — MPs decided Monday to look into recent reports that China interfered in the 2019 Canadian election, as it remained unclear whether Prime Minister Justin Trudeau would raise the issue directly with the Chinese president.  The House of Commons procedure and house affairs committee voted Monday to call as witnesses Foreign Affairs Minister Mélanie Joly, the prime minister’s national security adviser and officials from Elections Canada and the Canadian Security Intelligence Service.

The Great Sheep Mystery! HUDREDS OF SHEEP WALK in a circle for over 10 days in n china's inner Mongolia. The Sheep Are Healthy and the Reason for the Weird Behavior is Still a Mystery.

- People's Daily, China (@pdchina) November 16, 2022

If the circle walking can be part of the symptoms of certain animal diseases, the phenomenon that currently affects these bovids remains for the ' Unexplained hour. According to their owner interviewed by Metro , only a few sheep started walking in a circle. They were then joined by the entire herd. People’s Daily, which revealed the information, said sheep was healthy.

At present, the most likely explanation of this phenomenon would be a disease: listeriosis. According to veterinarians, sheep could have been infected with the bacteria responsible for this disease, the Listeria Monocytogenes, by eating damaged fodder. Among the symptoms of this disease that affects the brain, there are nervous disorders, imbalances or even walking disorders, list The French Ministry of Agriculture . But for the time being, the phenomenon that affects these animals remains a mystery.

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