Offbeat: Rennes. The energy of a group of autistic artists on the

"Le Super Cabaret" in Besançon: the supercollective artists offer circus and dinner to the public

 "Le Super Cabaret" installed its marquee in Besançon for an ephemeral but magical show until December 10. A tasty creation carried by a troop well decided to delight the public. © supplied by Franceinfo CAUTION, the show will soon start. A few days before the first, the troop of Circassians still refines its show under a marquee which belonged to the famous Plume circus. This creation is a clever mixture of contemporary circus in a cabaret atmosphere.

La réalisatrice Laetitia Møller a suivi le groupe Astéréotypie et ses chanteurs autistes à l’énergie brute, qui seront à découvrir aux Trans musicales. © Lætitia Moller screen The director Laetitia Møller followed the Astereotypie group and its autistic singers with raw energy, which will be discovered at Trans Musicales.

Laetitia Møller followed the Astereotypie group which highlights autistic artists. His amazing film is to be seen as part of the Doc month.

Director Laetitia Møller, journalist and web documentary author, devoted her first film The positive energy of the gods to the ASTéréotypie group, to discover within the framework of the months of the documentary film, organized by Comptoir du Doc in several rooms and Ille-et-Vilaine media library.

How a remote control truck group in N.B. is letting people be ‘a kid again’

  How a remote control truck group in N.B. is letting people be ‘a kid again’ A growing remote-control truck group in Riverview, N.B., called Sink It Deep RC is helping people overcome social anxieties, welcoming those of diverse abilities. Read more:

" I discovered the group at a concert at the Sonic Protest festival. There is something striking to see the autistic singers of the group on stage. They have raw energy, without posture, of great power that speaks to me. They tell their anxieties, the violence of social adaptation. There is a truth that we all feel.

The group went up with rocker educators from a Medico-educational Institute (IME) in Bourg-la-Reine (Hauts-de-Seine). But their purpose is not to do music therapy. "It is a collective whose artistic prism is central. It allows you to move the eye. We see creativity instead of talking about oddity.

Album preparation and

tour before starting to shoot, the director took two years to build a relationship with the members of the group. “In order to find the right distance. Understanding individuals makes it possible to better film. We follow Stanislas, a very political singer in his speeches. Kevin and his subversive song "Le Cachet" or Aurélien and his obsessive passion for certain words. They are guided by educator Christophe Lhuillier. "I followed them in the preparation of their second album and their tour.

Rennes. Their country has known the war, they testify to

 Rennes. Their country has known the war, they testify to © Ouest-France Yannick Kamanzi, Rwandan, is part of the Rado Live team the succession TNB festival. With Radio-Live-la notes, Aurélie Charon invites young people around the world, to testify to their lives, their hopes, their heritage. Yannick Kamanzi 25, Rwandan tells, like Inès, the Bosnian, Hala, the Syrian. “Rwanda is a precious country. He suffered so much, you can only love him. He was damaged, traumatized, but he made the decision to get up and fight. To live.

We discover the growing success of the group, which is transformed with the departure of a member and the arrival of a new artist. Since the end of the shooting, Asterotypie has released a new album entitled No guy looks like Brad Pitt in the Drôme, who met with great public and critical success.

The group went to the Human Fête, at the Cicada. He will be one of the most anticipated on December 8 at Trans Musicales de Rennes.

Wednesday, November 23, at 7 p.m., at the Montfort-sur-Meu media library; November 24, at 8 p.m., at the Le Volume cultural center in Vern-sur-Seiche; Saturday, November 26, at 5 p.m., at the Pacé media library; Wednesday, November 30, at 7 p.m., at BU Villejean Santé, in Rennes, and in several rooms in Ille-et-Vilaine, in the month of the doc. All dates on

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