Offbeat: While marathon: Chinese smokes 1 box of cigarettes

Alleged Chinese interference ‘intolerable,’ Joly says as Trudeau meets Xi at G20

  Alleged Chinese interference ‘intolerable,’ Joly says as Trudeau meets Xi at G20 Trudeau also spoke Tuesday with Chinese President Xi Jinping, and his office says he raised concerns about Chinese interference in Canada.According to a senior government source, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau initiated a conversation with President Xi Jinping following a morning meeting of G20 leaders in Bali, Indonesia. It lasted a few minutes, and the leaders discussed the reports of Chinese interference, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and North Korea. They agreed to keep in touch, the source said.

a 50-year-old Chinese known as "uncle chen" has completed a marathon, even though he is a chain smoker. He even smoked while running.

Marathon-Lauf © Tomml/Istock Marathon Run

In an impressive time of 3 hours, 28 minutes and 45 seconds, the 50-year-old "Uncle Chen" from the Chinese Guangzhou completed the Xin'anjiang marathon in Jande-smoking .

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uncle chen came as a 574. The destination, a total of around 1,500 participants were: inside November 6, 2022.

Canada must keep ‘eyes wide open’ on Chinese interference: Champagne

  Canada must keep ‘eyes wide open’ on Chinese interference: Champagne On Tuesday, a senior government source told Global News that Trudeau raised the war in Ukraine, North Korea and alleged Chinese interference in Canadian elections with Xi.His comment comes just hours after Chinese President Xi Jinping confronted Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on the sidelines of the G20 summit, scolding the Canadian leader for sharing with the media details of a brief conversation the two had held.

smoking uncle chen celebrated as a hero

for uncle chen, however, it was not the first marathon in which he was infected one cigarette after another. Already in 2018 and 2019 he was photographed how he contested marathons with a tilt in the corner of the mouth. Every time he reached the goal.

The pictures of him went viral on the net, uncle chen is even celebrated as a hero on Twitter . "I wish I had a cool uncle like uncle chen," writes a user, for example, according to "Stern" . Another tweeted: "Uncle Chen is my new hero."

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critical voices

There are critical voices that do not see the chain-smoking marathon runner as a role model. Here is an example of a user: "I have the suffering that had to run around him and had to finish with smoke swaths on the face, that should not be glorified."

The fact that it is rather not beneficial for performance if you smoke, most of them know. However, there is no official ban on this.

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5 ways for Canada to tackle Chinese interference after the Trudeau-Xi showdown .
In April 2021, Conservative MP Kenny Chiu was so concerned about potential Chinese interference in Canada’s political system that he proposed a Foreign Influence Registry Act similar to those in the United States and Australia.  Soon after, bots were mobilized and a disinformation campaign was waged against Chiu on Chinese social media platforms, including WeChat and Weibo, calling him “anti-China,” misrepresenting the legislation and playing a role in his loss in the September 2021 election.

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