Offbeat: glittering flower island: “Christmas Garden” opens

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more than a million small lights have turned the flower island of Mainau on Lake Constance into a Christmas garden. With more than 30 light installations, the “Christmas Garden” opened again on Tuesday. One of the highlights is a sea of ​​lights from more than 16,000 luminous diodes, the organizers said. But a glitter tunnel and bright bird sculptures are also said to inspire on the two -kilometer circular route. Depending on the ticket, the open -air event costs between 20 and 30 euros.

Das gräfliche Schloss auf der Insel Mainau ist in unterschiedlichen Farben angestrahlt. © Felix Kästle/dpa The count's castle on the island of Mainau is illuminated in different colors.

In order to save energy, lamps were "switched to efficient LED lights", the organizers had explained in the run-up to the opening. The event format was first held on the Mainau last year. At that time, the “Christmas Garden” attracted 65,000 visitors to the island. The light installations can be seen until January 8th.

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