Offbeat: Airport on problematic personnel search

aircraft landed after a bomb threat in Paderborn

 aircraft landed after a bomb threat in Paderborn Because of a bomb threat, a passenger plane with more than 200 people on board on the way from Poland to London in Paderborn has ended. The passengers and the crew were brought to the airport building on Monday night, the police said. "There is no danger for them." The police spoke of a greater commitment. © Boris Roessler/dpa/symbol image A plane when landing. , according to the police, no suspicious objects were found during the Airbus A321 Airbus A321. Specially trained dogs were also used.

After Lufthansa, the Frankfurt airport operator Fraport and German air traffic control also intensively search for new staff. The companies encounter different problems, as the bosses Stefan Schulte and Arndt Schoenemann reported on Tuesday evening in Frankfurt.

Eine Passagiermaschine der Ryanair (r) rollt nach Sonnenuntergang am Terminal 2 des Frankfurter Flughafens neben einem Flugzeug der Japan Airlines zur Startbahn. Der Flughafen sucht Personal. © Arne Dedert/dpa A passenger machine of the Ryanair (R) rolls to the runway after sunset at Terminal 2 of the Frankfurt Airport next to a Japan Airlines aircraft. The airport is looking for personnel.

Basically, both companies expect further growth of air traffic after the Corona shock for the coming year. While the DFS is out of around 90 percent of the pre-crisis level from 2019, Schulte spoke of "between 85 and 100 percent". The Fraport boss referred to a considerable need to catch up on business trips, among other things, because air traffic in Germany has developed weaker in the current year than in many other countries. "We ran five percentage points weaker this year when it was the case in Paris in London or Amsterdam," says Schulte. In 2023 it is about recovering and consolidating market shares.

Insolvent Airport Hahn: Sales are still delayed

 Insolvent Airport Hahn: Sales are still delayed The buyers of the insolvent Hunsrück-Airport Hahn have not yet paid for the purchase amount despite the expired period. "Unfortunately, the execution of the purchase contract is delayed again," said insolvency administrator Jan Markus Plathner on Wednesday without giving details. An extended deadline for the transfer of the money had expired on Wednesday night. © Thomas Frey/dpa Most shops in the Terminal of the Hahn Airport are closed.

After the job cuts in the Corona crisis, Fraport, according to Schultes, started in April 2021 with high-volume new settings. However, it was lacking in qualified forces, so that you are now also a lot of school and qualify. After around 1800 new people this year, around 1,000 people will be hired in the coming year, Schulte announced. In addition, workers were also won in Southeast Europe and Southwest Europe. The entrances would also be opposite.

High diarrhea quota

"We need the best of the best," said air traffic control chief Schoenemann about the requirements for future air traffic controllers. The number of applicants is currently declining who first have to face a tough selection process at the German Aerospace Center (DLR). In contrast to earlier years, around a quarter of the applicants that have already been approved recently not started for the test. In the past, the diarrhea was constant 95 percent, so that ultimately only every 20th applicant was allowed to start the three -year pilot training. As in the current year, the DFS also plans to hire 136 new pilot students with full capacity in 2023.

The federal air traffic control also expects 2023 strong additional traffic in German airspace. The reason is the Ukraine War in particular, which continues to restrict over-flight opportunities via Poland and, on the other hand, makes numerous military flights necessary over Germany for which civil traffic must be redirected.

Airline crew held in Dominican Republic after reporting hidden cocaine returns to Canada .
The Canadian airline crew held in sometimes-frightening conditions in the Dominican Republic after reporting contraband hidden on their plane finally made it back to Canada Thursday, ending a bizarre, eight-month ordeal in the Caribbean nation. Crew members shed tears, hugged loved ones and seemed to grin uncontrollably after arriving at Toronto’s Pearson airport on a WestJet flight from Punta Cana. They were greeted by family members who last saw them in person in early April, as the crew set off on a trip that was supposed to take barely 24 hours.

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