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Offbeat: Austrian Minister warns Europe of Blackouts-and thinks loudly of negotiations with Russia

Opinion: Where Zelensky goes from here

  Opinion: Where Zelensky goes from here As the war grinds into a new year, Zelensky faces a fresh dilemma: how to balance growing pressure from outside for negotiations with Russia, and expectations within Ukraine for a full Russian withdrawal to pre-2014 lines, writes Michael Bociurkiw. Michael Bociurkiw - Chrystia Chudczak

Österreichs Verteidigungsministerin Klaudia Tanner vor einer Militärschau in Wien. © Imago/Martin Juen Austria's Minister of Defense Klaudia Tanner from a military show in Vienna. Austria Minister warns Europe of Blackouts-and thinks loudly of negotiations with Russia

makes sense to negotiate with Russia? Dembers come from Austria-paired with warnings of side effects of the Ukraine War.

Vienna/Berlin - Order or enable hardness against the aggressor? The political handling of the Ukraine War remains a wire rope act for the West: Ukraine sounds the demand for more weapons, Russia sends massive warnings.

Austria is once again a little more reserved in these questions than Germany - Defense Minister Klaudia Tanner (ÖVP) has now also seen in an interview with the world published on Tuesday (December 27): On the delivery of deadly weapons to Ukraine Vienna wants to do without. For this, Tanner demanded increased focus on diplomacy. She warned of possible side effects of the war: blackouts also in Western and Central Europe and trouble about high energy prices.

Zelenskyy preparing to visit DC, after tour of war's front

  Zelenskyy preparing to visit DC, after tour of war's front SHOTLIST:RESTRICTION SUMMARY:ASSOCIATED PRESSWashington - 19 December 20221. Various Senator Patrick Leahy, (D) Vermont, showing off a conference room inside the U.S. Capitol2. Various of AP reporter Wilson Ring and Senator Patrick Leahy, (D) Vermont, preparing for an interview at his president pro tempore office inside the CapitolANNOTATION:Retiring Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy spoke to the Associated Press as he wraps up a 48-year career as the longest-serving Senate Democrat.3. SOUNDBITE (English) Wilson Ring, Associated Press Reporter:"After you're 40 - almost 48 years in the Senate, what are you most proud of? I mean, and I think of that -- I ask that question for your role in the United States, in the world, and for Vermont. ++SOUNDBITE #4 INCLUDES SHOT CHANGE++++PARTIALLY COVERED++4. SOUNDBITE (English) Sen. Patrick Leahy, (D) Vermont:"I think I kept my Vermont values and my integrity. I cast over 17,000 votes. I'm sure I could go back and look and say, what was I thinking? But when I cast them, I thought I was doing the right thing. I mean, I'd been here three months as the juniormost member of the Senate. We had a vote on whether we'd stop the Vietnam War or not. We had members criticize the war, but Vermonter ever voted to stop the funding. I voted that way. We had five votes in a row. Each one, the funding for the war in Vietnam was defeated by one vote. You can imagine the pressure I was getting. I was told I'd never be reelected.

"For Putin" for Putin: Austria warns of Blackouts

"For Putin, hacker attacks on the western power supply are a means of hybrid warfare," warned the conservative. The likelihood that a blackout will occur in parts of the EU in the near future is "very large". "Did you know that a third of the citizens were no longer able to take care of himself on the fourth day of a power failure?" Asked Tanner rhetorically - she also admitted that it was a "narrow line between sensitization with a sense of proportion and the fuss of fears ”.

The risk of blackouts has increased with the Ukraine War, the Austrian Minister of Defense said-and at the same time made a rather pessimistic prognosis for the further course of the conflict: on the one hand, the fighting power of Ukraine is still underestimated, and on the other hand, Russia has “enormous Reserves of material and soldiers ":" It is unclear whether there will ever be a winner in this war, "said Tanner in the world.

Zelenskyy thanks 'every American,' sees 'turning point'

  Zelenskyy thanks 'every American,' sees 'turning point' WASHINGTON (AP) — Ukraine’s Volodymyr Zelenskyy told cheering U.S. legislators during a defiant wartime visit to the nation’s capital on Wednesday that against all odds his country still stands, thanking Americans for helping to fund the war effort with money that is “not charity,” but an “investment” in global security and democracy. The whirlwind stop in Washington — his first known trip outside his country since Russia invaded in February — was aimed at reinvigorating support for his country in the U.S. and around the world at a time when there is concern that allies are growing weary of the costly war and its disruption to global food and energy supplies.

"Without the support of the West, Ukraine would be lost," emphasized Tanner - so the West must continue to support the country "with full strength". As a neutral country, Austria does not deliver any fatal weapons, but for example helmets and heater generators, "which is just as important".

Ukraine War: Negotiations with Russia? Austria's minister thinks according to

in the question of possible negotiations in the Ukraine War, the minister also expressed amazing clear doubts about a widespread basic attitude: the one that Ukraine itself decides when and what is being negotiated. One could “also see that the West, who has been supporting Ukraine for months with weapons and billions of billions, has to find out together with Kyiv when the border of this war is reached and when it makes sense to start negotiations in a suitable format “, said Tanner in the world.

Putin talks about negotiations and the Patriot flight defense

 Putin talks about negotiations and the Patriot flight defense "There is always an antidote" Putin talks about negotiations and the patriot flight defense © t-Online at the end of the year he will once again be speaking: Vladimir Putin interprets negotiations with the Ukraine and evaluates western arms deliveries. Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin criticized the deliveries of Patriot flight defense rockets of the USA to Ukraine .

It was "a difficult matter", she admitted. In the same breath, however, the ÖVP politician led an argument for negotiations that Moscow is happy to hear: “In this context, we must not forget that the high energy prices that are a result of Putin's brutal war of attack against Ukraine of people in the West could increasingly be perceived as a burden, ”emphasized Tanner.

According to her own statements, she still wants to stick to sanctions-unlike (still) left-wing politician Sahra Wagenknecht, who had caused turmoil in the Bundestag a few weeks ago. SPD general secretary Kevin Kühnert meanwhile initially spoke out against negotiations with Russia. "The moment when Ukraine will negotiate peace will come," said Kühnert on Tuesday in the ZDF "Morgenmagazin". "But it has prerequisites: namely the territorial integrity of this country and that Russia realizes that it cannot achieve its war goals." (FN)

"leaves out in every respect": "Iron doll of Putin-TV" makes surprising admission .
"leaves out in every respect": "Iron doll of Putin-TV" makes surprising admission for peace between Russia and Ukraine there is no basis for a compromise. Nevertheless, the population is tired of war, admits a Russian moderator. Moscow-A moderator on Russian state television has admitted that a large part of the Russian population wants an end to the Ukraine war. The country is "exhausted in every respect," said moderator Olga Skabejewa.

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