Sports: Freedom Phone: 500-dollar device for US patriots is probably Cheap Handy from China

The pixel phone looks out, with which the FBI worldwide criminal narrowed

 The pixel phone looks out, with which the FBI worldwide criminal narrowed missing system settings, permanently activated GPS: Actually, the suspects need to have remembered that a prepared device has been rejuvenated. © mayday175 / xda Developers View of the prepared pixel-phone It still sounds like a thriller: In June, it became known that the world's law enforcement authorities had led to the FBI criminal bond - with prepared smartphones that they had previously embedded them .

of the Bitcoin Millionaire and Trump Pendant Erik Finalman wants to have developed a "completely uncensored" smartphone with the Freedom Phone. But there are several hooks.

Erik Finmans Freedom Phone. © erik finman's Freedom Phone.

At the age of 16, Eric Ferman was Bitcoin millionaire. Finman broke off the high school, moved without his parents in the Californian Palo Alto and founded there various startups. In addition, the young entrepreneur invested investments, such as in Metal Pay, a crypto industry. Currently, his bitcoin assets should be $ 13 million. His current project, a so-called Freedom Phone for US Patriots, now brought the 22-year-old Trump-Supporor's rather criticism.

Beijing says to have "hunted" an American ship in the South China Sea

 Beijing says to have Mer-de-China-du-China-USA: Beijing says you have "hunted" an American ship in the South China Sea Pekin (Reuters) - China has announced Monday to have "chased" an American ship illegally entered in its waters, near the Paracel Islands, on the occasion of the anniversary date of a court decision that Beijing can not claim a historic sovereignty at sea Southern China.

"uncensored" mobile phone from China

because in the device that FINMAN calls "completely uncensored" smartphone and requires $ 499.99, it is likely to act around the A9 Pro of the Chinese company Umidigi, as The Daily Beast Write . Cost point: around 150 euros. Meanwhile, Finman has confirmed that the smartphone is made by Umidigi. But he insists that production does not take place in "Mainland China". The seat has Umidigi , however, in Shenzhen. The manufacturer is known for its entry-level devices, which he sells exclusively online, via Aliexpress, eBay or Amazon.

FINMAN Meanwhile, on the Freedom Phone page, only a few details about the smartphone price. It is clear that it should go to the trade in August. The smartphone should also have a six-inch screen as well as a "big store" and a "great camera". Further technical details complacent? "It can do everything your current smartphone, but to censose you". In addition, you can quickly switch from his old to the new phone. The aim is that the big tech companies could no longer prevent free communication.

China denies any Microsoft Piracy and Families The US Allies

 China denies any Microsoft Piracy and Families The US Allies © AFP - Christmas Celis The United States accuses China of cyberattacks against Microsoft, July 19, 2021. Chinese hackers again pointed . Monday, July 19, the United States and their allies convicted China for alleged "malicious" cyberactivities, including Microsoft messaging hacking that affected tens of thousands of computers around the world. This is not the first time that the Chinese regime is accused by the White House to protect or even "sponsor" such attacks.

Freedom Phone comes with Freedomos on Android Base

In doing so, Finman probably plays on the lock from Donald Trumps Twitter account as well as on the intermediate outward, especially in the right and right-wing spectrum Poper . Accordingly, Finman delivers the Freedom Phone with a so-called "Uncensible App Store" and has preinstalled apps like Parler or Newsmax, but also Duckduckgo. As an operating system, the device has the so-called Freedomos aboard, which is based on FINMAN on AOSP, Lineageos and Grapheneos.

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The hooks at the of the Crypto Millionaire : AOSP is the Open Source variant of Android, Lineageos and Grapheneos themselves are based on AOSP. The allegedly uncensable App Store is apparently only a conveyed Aurora store, which can be accessed on apps in the Google Play Store, as it is called Golem . However, Google services and apps are actually not preinstalled. This is followed by further criticism of Finman, as this apparently uses an iPhone itself. on the website also sets on Google Analytics as well as the payment services of Apple, Google and Amazon.

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