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Sports: Lyon comes end of Lens

Montpellier Punit Lens

 Montpellier Punit Lens © Provided by Sofoot Montpellier 1-0 Lens Purpose: Mavididi (48E) for the MHSC Expulsion: Ferri (86E) for the MHSC madness at the Mosson. In a mad match, Montpellier took the best on the RC Lens, which falls for the first time from the season away from its land (1-0). Teji Savanier has radiated, and Stephy Mavididi was responsible for executing the sentence. Video: 10th day. - BOSZ Satisfied with the service of Cherki in 9 (Dailymotion) A hard drive launched from the first minutes.

  Lyon vient à bout de Lens © provided by Sofoot

in a spectacular and very pleasant meeting, Lyon took the top on Lens (2-1). In the lead with two goals ahead at the break, OL did not make the same mistake in Nice last week, even though he suffered against a beautiful Lensoise team.

Lyon 2-1 Lens Goals: Toko Ekambi (25th, SP) and AOUAR (42E) for OL // Kalimuendo (61E) for blood and gold

This time, Lyon did not flanch. Less than a week after an unlikely defeat during a lunar scenario in Nice , OL has managed to maintain its advantage of two goals acquired in the first period against Lens, this Saturday night (2-1). Without the task is simple for Bosz's soldiers, who have often been shaken by northern training still bluffing.

Lyon. A "unspeakable" fight bursts into the tram next to a baby, the video causes an upperboard

 Lyon. A © Frenzo33 / Pixabay Monday, October 18, the video had been seen more than 250,000 times. Photo Stock Illustration. An altercation that took place Friday October 15th in a tram of Lyon (Rhône) was seen hundreds of thousands of times on social networks. A man who was smoking in a train near a toddler had violently taken another who made him the remark. Bruno Bernard (EELV), the President of the Sytral and the Metropolis, lamented an "unspeakable" act.

The Efficiency Lesson of the OL

Video: Classic - Neymar, The Shadow of Doubt (Dailymotion)

He reigned a Gala match atmosphere at the Groupama Stadium, where more than 55,000 supporters. Visit to ensure a Dantesque atmosphere at this poster between OL and Lens. From the show in stands, but also on the ground where both teams faced in an intense and very pleasant battle. Anxious to tickle the weaknesses of the gones in the width, the Lensois were the first to hit, Claus and Saïd being respectively frustrated by the rescues of Boateng and Denayer (13th). Blood and gold always so disciplined have finally seen the men of Bosz give them a lesson of efficiency in the first act.

The light is once again coming from the Brazilians, the duo Packetá-Guimarães is illustrating on one-two pushing medina to fault on the second in the surface. A gift then a second, Packetá offering the ball to Toko Ekambi, whose foot did not shake to roar the rhodanian spans (1-0, 25th). The public Lyonnais could have been able to cool by the ephemeral equalization of Claus, logically reported in the off-play position by the VAR on the discount of Sotoca. The Russian mountains for Lens, slapped a second time before the break by AOUAR, who jumped to score with a stitched head following a Tookambi shot pushed back by Leca (2-0, 42E). Two goals in advance and a question for the Bosz Strip: Was the catastrophe scenario a simple accident?

Nice - Lyon, Formal Composers: Shaqiri Sent on the

 Nice - Lyon, Formal Composers: Shaqiri Sent on the Nice and Lyon bench compete this Sunday (13h), as part of the 11th League Lifting 1. Discover the official compositions. © Provided by Football 365 XHherdan Shaqiri (Lyon) Olympique Lyonnais moves this Sunday on the lawn of OGC Nice (13h, 11th Ligue Day 1). The two clubs are equal points and follow each other in the ranking, the eagles occupying the sixth place, while the gones are seventh. They will have the opportunity to separate on the side of the Allianz Riviera.

The Lensois Tourbillon

It was not necessary in any case to rely on the actors of this meeting to lower the temperature. Saturday night fever took place, Haise deciding to replace Sotoca by Kakuta upon return of artists on the lawn. Winning coaching? In any case, it would have been immediately paying without a heroic lopes in the first minutes of the second act, the Lyon gateway coming out of a stratospheric parade in front of Kakuta, before being impeccable against Saïd (48th). The first tremors in the Lyon ranks, while Paquetá could have folded the case without a Leca intervention. Very strong mentally and tactically roded, the Lensois have never ceased to exist in this part, Frankowski multiplying attempts to sound revolt. The Polish finally played a role in the blood and gold return by being at the origin of a great exchange between Kakuta and Kalimuendo, concluded with a little success by the attacker loaned by the PSG (2-1, 61E) . What wake up young demons in the Lyon heads, Lens forcing to maintain the pressure on the premises to obtain a small reward of this successful benefit. But unlike last Sunday, OL has held good, in pain, to return to two units of his opponent of the day in the standings, where Lens could lose his second place at the end of the weekend. Rest this observation very pleasant: this season of league 1 is beautiful.

Lyon (4-2-3-1): Lopes - Dubois (Gusto, 78th), Boateng (Diomandé, 77th), Denayer, Emerson - Cake, Guimarães (Slimani, 90e) - Shaqiri (Mendes, 64th), AOUAR, Toko Ekambi (Cherki, 78th) - Packetá. Coach: Peter Bosz.

Lens (3-4-2-1): Leca - Gradit (Boli, 85th), Danso, Medina - Class (Machado, 85th), Doucoured, Fofana, Frankowski - Saïd (Pereira, 76th), Sotoca (Kakuta, 46th ) - Kalimuendo (Jean, 77e). Coach: Franck Haise.

Results and classification of league 1 2021-2022

Lyon makes short PSG .
© Provided by Sofoot While football has finally reasserted itself after a turbulent week behind the scenes, OL devoured PSG at Groupama Stadium in shock D1 Arkéma (6-1). Quickly outdated and reduced to ten Parisian totally sunk and leave fenottes escape in mind.

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