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Sports: Why Messi The best player of the decade is

because of Lionel Messi: PSG-Sport Director Leonardo Stinksauer

 because of Lionel Messi: PSG-Sport Director Leonardo Stinksauer Messi can not meet the great expectation so far and is criticized. PSG sports director Leonardo now burst the collar. Lionel Messi does not really come up with Paris Saint-Germain. After his early alternation at the 2-1 win against Master Osc Lille, PSG-Boss Leonardo expressed his displeasure about the current situation. Messi had remained in the cabin at halftime.

There are so many reasons why Lionel Messi is the player of the last ten years.

Lionel Messi: Der beste Spieler des vergangenen Jahrzehnts © Provided by 90min Lionel Messi: The best player of the past decade

The most obvious thing is that in the last ten years alone (2011, 2012, 2015, 2019) was chosen the best player in the world while in this Period only once (!) Worus than second. Overall, he has received six balloon d'Or awards.

Before Messi reported the story, the three balloon d'or trophies of Johan Cruyff, Michel Platini and Marco Van Basten were considered unbelievable achievements. Now these records are completely broken, and it is unlikely that no one will ever be overparted.

Messi, the feeling of betrayal

 Messi, the feeling of betrayal © provided by He did not digest the way FC Barcelona presented things after his departure. Between Lionel Messi and Barcelona , the story is not complete. Party against his will this summer, the Argentine striker would like to return one day "help" the Blaugranas, and intends to pass his retirement in Catalonia. However, it seems clearly cold with Joan Laporta. Messi felt betrayed by the way the Chairman of Barça introduced things after his departure.

The fact that a season disappointing after its scales after the standards of another player would still be considered outstanding is a sign of Messis superior quality.

Its lowest doorquote in a single season in the last ten years since 2011 lies with 31 hits in all competitions. During this time he has never achieved less than 25 goals in a complete league season.

In the season 2011/12 Messi met for Barcelona incredible 73 times on the net. Even Cristiano Ronaldo in his absolute sparkling period has not reached this number nearly - most other world-class hours would probably have trouble coming to 73 goals in two seasons.

Messi has recently won trophies in the last ten years and broken records.

During this time he has brought six La-Liga titles and two Champions League titles. In 2011, his total third Champions League triumph, he was the figurehead and the outstanding talent of a team of FC Barcelona, ​​which is widely regarded as the best team of football history.

Barça: Eric Garcia displays his regrets for Messi

 Barça: Eric Garcia displays his regrets for Messi The defender of FC Barcelona Eric Garcia does not regret having signed at the club but he admits he would have liked to play with Lionel Messi. © Provided by Football 365 Messi now too expensive for Barcelona? Eric Garcia joined Barça via a free transfer from Manchester City after signing a pre-contractual agreement, but his stay at Camp Nou did not really start brilliant.

requires a great talent to rank players like Xavi and Andres Iniesta, but that was and is the level on which Messi held so long. Can and outstanding services are one thing, but the longevity with which he can repeat them is a completely different.

before Messi was the all-time tor record of the FC Barcelona at 232 goals, situated by Cesar Rodriguez in the 1950s. Messi was only 24 years old when he broke this record in March 2012. When he left the Camp Nou at the beginning of this year towards Paris Saint-Germain, he had almost tripled him with 672 goals.

at the time when he left Barcelona, ​​Messi had taken over the lead in the eternal leaderboard of the association with 778 playing. Only very few players have played so many games throughout their career, let alone for one of the best clubs in the world. This longevity and resistance is simple and simply remarkable.

He has completely redefined the standards at the highest level of football.

also at the international level Messi has formed. In 2014, 2015 and 2016, he was so close to international fame and could have gained several titles with Argentina. Nevertheless, he was chosen at the World Championship 2014 to the best player and could finally hold international label silver in his hands in 2021 when the Albiceleste finally won the Copa América - of course with his help.

PSG: Anelka not convinced at all by Messi .
The former Parisian striker, Nicolas Anelka, judges the utility of Lionel Messi very relative in this PSG to the little sovereign game. © Provided by Football 365 Lionel Messi responds to Barça The PSG conceded Wednesday its first setback of the season in the Champions League. A completely logical defeat, wiped against Manchester City (1-2). At Etihad Stadium, the Francilians were totally next to their subject and among the players who best symbol this missed service there is Lionel Messi.

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