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Sports: Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi? Frank Lampard changes his opinion: "Has the nose in front"

Ronaldo supports pink with jerseys

 Ronaldo supports pink with jerseys musician pink tries to meet christmas wishes. When she pushes her boundaries, Cristiano Ronaldo reports and offers generously his help. © Provided by Ronaldo supports pink with jerseys This cooperation goes to the heart. Football Superstar Cristiano Ronaldo supports a touching action by Music Superstar Pink. The singer had made himself to fulfill their heart's desire for each year this year.

of the former Chelsea professional and trainer Frank Lampard has changed his opinion in the debate about Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. The 43-year-old Outted as a fan of the Argentine, the Portuguese is currently on the front.

  Cristiano Ronaldo oder Lionel Messi? Frank Lampard ändert seine Meinung: © Provil by Goal

in Q & A format The Overlap of Ex-Profi Gary Neville answered Lampard on the appropriate question: "I was always a Messi fan, then I recently got your debate with Carra [Jamie Carragher, Note D , Red.] Seen. I think Ronaldo has might face the nose in the face of his performance and numbers in large play now. "

Cristiano Ronaldo Manchester United 2021-22 © Provil by Goal Cristiano Ronaldo Manchester United 2021-22 Ronaldo with ten goals in 14 games for United

Since its return to Manchester United, Ronaldo has achieved ten goals (two assists) in cross-part 14 lots for the Red Devils in which Ralf Rangnick will interpret the coach item for the dismissed Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

Especially in the Champions League, the 36-year-old attacker with six hits in five group games proved to be life insurance for the English record champion.

Messi comes for its new employer PSG in ten operations on four goals and two assists. While La Pulga in the premier class in four games were three times, the 34-year-old succeeded last weekend at the 3-1 success against Nantes his first ligator.

NENê explains Messi's difficulties at PSG .
for having been confronted with the same constraints upon his arrival in France, NENê believes to know why Lionel Messi is slow to explode at PSG. © Panoramic Lionel Messi PSG Despite its immense talent and a status that no other player has, Lionel Messi struggles to draw his game of the game in Paris SG. It shines but it is only in itself and it feels in difficulty in a championship it just has to discover.

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