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Lyon: a young disabled person and his mother went tobacco for a misinterpreted look

 Lyon: a young disabled person and his mother went tobacco for a misinterpreted look The facts occurred on Friday night on the outskirts of the Start-Great station © Elisa Frisullo / 20 minutes on April 7, 2016 Lyon. Illustration of a tram at the station of Part-Dieu. Aggressions - The facts occurred on Friday night on the outskirts of the station of Part-Dieu Five years after the wild aggression suffered by Marin in the district of Part-Dieu at Lyon , a young disabled person and His mother were tobacco walking around the train station.

  Lyon glace Montpellier © supplied by Sofoot

Victorious in League Europa This week, Lyon finally chained by just imposing on the ground of Montpellier this Sunday (0-1). It's only the second victory outside the Rhodanians this season in the championship, and it does good.

Montpellier HSC 0-1 Olympique Lyonnais Goal: Lucas Packetá (17th) for Gones

A week after the "bottle-gate" , the challenge was size for the worst team outside our beautiful championship (at Equality with Lorient). Especially since the Lyonnais moved on the lawn of a training that has not been beaten in his arena since early August. But the dry Cold Montpellier has not cooled the men of Peter Bosz, who released the big jacket for the occasion. Private Teji Savanier, the Héraultais have not been able to count on the Tandem Ferri-Chotard to overcome the absence of one of the best Ligue 1.

How did the OM missed Lucas Packet

 How did the OM missed Lucas Packet OM Risk Sunday the Lucas Pacas Law. Phoceans would not have had this fear if they had listened to Mozer's advice. © Panoramic Lucas Packet Lyon Sunday night, at the closing of the 14th day of Ligue 1, OM receives OL by the velodrome for a great shock of the Olympics. The Phoceans will have to be suspicious during this part, because they will have a high quality player in front of them, in the person of Lucas Packeta. Brazilian is the advantage of the Gones.

the infernal Packetá for its first game since November 7 - Peter Bosz Haded the hairdressers on the ground of Brøndby Thursday - OL had mostly needed the ball when starting this meeting. For ten minutes, visitors circulate and enjoy the lack of aggressiveness of their opponent to infiltrate between the lines, without frightening Jonas Omlin. Some bags need to be heated to start. This is the case of the MHSC. Souquet first triggers the first acceleration, but sends a striking too mollassonne to deceive Lopes. Two minutes later, the premises show that the engine is hot thanks to Mavididi, which is played beautifully Jason Denayer right side and then center to ground. Florent calf, alone at the point of penalty, takes back from the left in first intention and think climmed the Lyonnais, but the balloon hits the bar and saves OL (9th).

Probation and stadium ban for bottle launcher

 Probation and stadium ban for bottle launcher Lyon. Only two days after the bottle throw in Lyon, the perpetrator has been sentenced to a six-month prison sentence on probation. In addition, the 32-year-old received a five-year access ban for the Stadium of Olympique Lyon. © Philippe Desmazes Dimitri Payet (M) was hit by a water bottle on the head against Marseille at the Lyon Party. The game against Olympique Marseille was broken off on Sunday evening after a bottle throw on the guest player Dimitri Payet after just a few minutes.

Lucas Packetá also wants to show that it is boiling by responding to Mollet with a beautiful hook and a cross strike of the right that Omlin has the good inspiration to divert into corner (15th). First warning. But the Brazilian is of the uncompromising kind and does not leave plethora of blames before cracking. 120 seconds after this action, Malo Gusto addresses a mill center in Islam Slimani whose air recovery takes the direction of the transversal. Who roams in the range? Paquetá obviously, which concludes from the head overhead (0-1, 17E) and offers a nice dance do Brasil .

Lyon holds the shock until the break, the Lyonnais master, especially in the heart of the game where the duo caquet-guimarães walked on the Ferri-Chotard pair. Strikely tactically, the Montpelli derives lack a tongue of aggression to worry a tandem as reliable technically. As in first period, the MHSC car needs a good ten minutes to get started. The Rhodanians make the game the time it is heating, show too much ease. It's still calf, again served at Penalty's point, still shemale, who wakes his own. It applies better than in the first period, keeps his balloon on the ground, but hits too much on Lopes to beat it (56th). The Portuguese shows authority then on a nice exit while Elye Wahi escapes towards the goal.

fireworks mortars on police officers in Lyon: a second "dalton" placed in custody

 fireworks mortars on police officers in Lyon: a second © Philippe Desmazes A member of the group of "Dalton", November 5, 2021 in Lyon. Urban Rodéos, full-game burst or delivery of a package at the Lyon-Corbas stopover, the group of rappers the "Dalton" multiplies the provocations for several weeks in Lyon. Wednesday, on the sidelines of a manifestation against a direct of the CNEWS channel in the district of Guillotière , the police have been the subject of fireworks mortars, devices for pyrotechnics but whose use. is diverted.

If Lyon had responded by scoring and taking over 45 minutes before, the visitors slam a little more knees and leave Montpellier come back in the game. The two courses exchange offensive waves, then the MHSC is the only master of the seas at the end of the meeting. But the defense of OL resists. For the greatest misfortune of the Herault, who concedes a sixth defeat in so many meetings in the face of the European formations. Lyon blows a shot and goes back four points of the podium with less match.

Montpellier HSC (4-4-2): Omlin - Souquet (Sambia, 83E), Sakho, Cooka, Ristić - Flee, Chotard (Leroy, 83rd), Ferri, Gioacchini (Wahi, 56th) - Mavididi, Germain (Makouana, 74E). Coach: Olivier Dall'oglio

Olympique Lyonnais (4-2-3-1): Lopes - Gusto, Boateng (Da Silva, 74th), Denayer, Emerson - Guimarães (Thiago Mendes, 74e), Caqueret - Packetá (Cherki, 83rd ), AOUAR, Toko Ekambi - Slimani (Dembélé, 74th). Coach: Peter Bosz.

Results and Ligue Classification 1

Lyon touches the background .
© provided by Lyon Low head Lyon does not get out of it. On the move on the LOSC lawn, OL has indeed had to be content with a zero match (0-0), thereby chaining a fourth rank game without a victory, with three null matches for a defeat. A first since the arrival of Peter Bosz. This new points sharing is obviously not the business of the gones, now 13th in the ranking with only 23 points after 17 matches (and with a minus match). A total far from their standards.

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