Sports: GZSZ fans Sauer: That's why they do not feel like "Let's Dance" star Katja Kalugina

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 New Year's resolutions: Sun brings you order in its finances own finances can keep in mind to be a challenge - especially for self-employed as well as for ordinary investors. With these tips you still create order in the chaos. © Contributed by Mario Vedder / Getty Images The new year is here - and create with him the will to change the old and the new. Here, one might be separated mainly by bad habits and create order in the chaos. Necessary is not least among the finances that you often lose in view of the festive season from view.

that GZSZ actors are trying to "Let's Dance" is not uncommon. Almost in every season of the RTL show is a former or current actor of the Eve SOAP. But Professional Dancer Katja Kalugina is now the exact path - from "Let's Dance" to "good times, bad times". But there she does not get well there.

  GZSZ-Fans sauer: Darum haben Sie keine Lust auf „Let's Dance“-Star Katja Kalugina © Provided by Berliner Kurier

four times Already Katja Kalugina was at "Let's Dance". In 2012 she danced with singer Ardian Bujupi, 2014 with actor Dirk Moritz, 2018 with singer Roman Lochmann and 2019 with the singer Lukas Rieger. But she also dared to other parquet. This year, the native Russian managed it into the recall of DSDS - and now she is about GZSZ.

Bushido: Will he dance in the TV soon?

 Bushido: Will he dance in the TV soon? Bushido has apparently received a request for, Let's Dance received. © Bang Showbiz Bushido The musician and his wife Anna-Maria Ferchichi have recently become parents of Drillingen. Bushido is therefore eightfold father - remains time for other projects? Maybe a compensation from the family life for the rapper is exactly the right thing, then apparently thought of such some trash TV formats. For some time, the rumor is circulating that Bushido will soon swing the dance leg for RTL.

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In the popular soap opera, the 28-year-old plays the role of the Gina, which had an affair with Paul (Niklas Osterloh) during which was in Canada. The problem: Paul is with fan favorite Emily (Anne Menden). And the two have long been considered the viewers as a dream pair. Any interference is not like seen.

And while the fans should be the luck of Paul and Emily, Katja Kalugina's Rolle Gina directly has a heavy stood, a look at the Instagram side of GZSZ reveals. "Is that that Paul went alien? I can not suffer now, "writes a user. Another: "Please do not be true." At least: With Katja Kalugina's acting arts, the criticism has nothing to do, but rather with her role. Thus, however, the professional dancer in advance has already expected how they revealed the Portal Promiflash. "At first, I had some concerns about the role, but then decided to do it," she said.

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Your last trip to the spectacle will not have been the appearance as Gina at GZSZ, by the way, Katja Kalugina, who has enjoyed the work on the set of "good times, bad times" very much. "I think it's great to rediscover me, develop artistically and hatch in roles," explains Kalugina.

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