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Sports: Good Winter Sports Conditions in NRW and Hesse

The big unknown the DFL

 The big unknown the DFL Frankfurt / Main. At the German Football League takes place this week the change of leadership. Donata Hops enters the successor of the longtime top manager Christian Seifert. Many challenges are waiting for the new boss. © - Donata Hops is as a successor of the previous bearing owner Seifert at the beginning of the new year Chairman of the Management Board of the German Football League. The most powerful woman in German professional football is a big unknown for many.

Round Snowfall In recent days, winter sports conditions have suddenly improved in the North Rhine-Westphalian Central Mountains. Still on Wednesday (January 5), white snow tapes tied by the green hills, on Friday already reported the regions of unison: ski and toboggan! Around 20 inches Neuschnee existed in the mountains in the past 48 hours.

Neuschnee hat in Willingen für einen großen Andrang auf die bisher präparierten Skipisten gesorgt. © Uwe Zucchi / dpa Neuschnee has taken care of in Willingen for a great crowd on the previously prepared ski slopes.

The numerous ski resorts around Winterberg in Sauerland as well as in the winner country and in the Eifelregion therefore expect at the last weekend weekend before school start on Monday with a large visitor tower. However, guests must pay attention to the ski or snowboarding: mostly the 2G rule applies, only vaccinated and geneses may use the lifting systems. Interested parties should be informed about the corresponding Internet pages. The Corona rules are controlled randomly by the public office offices, generally at the ticket booking or when redeeming the touring vouchers on site.

Summer Olympic Hockey? The Pros and Cons

  Summer Olympic Hockey? The Pros and Cons Would Gary Bettman's pipe-dream idea ever work? What are the advantages and disadvantages? © Provided by The Hockey News Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports Imagine watching the opening ceremonies of the Olympics and witnessing Andre DeGrasse, Connor McDavid and Marie-Philip Poulin flying the Canadian flag together. How about Kendall Coyne Schofield, Auston Matthews and Suni Lee in the red, white and blue? That’s how NHL commissioner Gary Bettman wants the Olympics. He envisions best-on-best international hockey as a summer sport.During TNT’s broadcast of the 2022 Winter Classic on Jan.

The entire weekend is "as good as booked," said the press spokeswoman of the winter sports Arena Winterberg , Susanne Schulten, the German Press Agency. Your urgent appeal to all winter sports fans is not to hope for a loophole. «Please get an online ticket before." To arrive without ski pass, do not make sense. The weather prospects for NRW promise that it remains frosty in the mountain land and further snowing on. Sunny sections are rarely rare.

Good winter sports conditions Also in Hesse

also Hessen's ski resorts are happy about falling temperatures and fresh snow. "At the moment it's upwards," Susanne said shoulder, spokeswoman of winter sports Arena Sauerland. The winter slump has brought a small upswing. Gradually, more lifts would go into operation.

Kim Jong Un speaks after rocket test of nuclear "war quarreling"

 Kim Jong Un speaks after rocket test of nuclear Seoul. North Korea's ruler Kim Jong Un will be satisfied with the latest weapon's test of his country. The neighboring countries react with horror and want to respond to the danger of the "hypershown weapon". © Str This image from North Korea should show the start of the hypersonic weapon. North Korea's ruler Kim Jong and personally observed the rocket launch on Tuesday and then satisfied that the nuclear "war deterrence" had been increased.

in the North Hessian Willingen (Landkreis Waldeck-Frankenberg) had started the ski season just before Christmas. The slopes had survived the mild days over the turn of the year, said shoulder. By the weekend, up to 20 centimeters of Neuschnee were expected in the region. "The lift operators now hope to build through snow recycles across January, among other things, to be able to go back to the second main season in February."

About the falling temperatures and the snowfall is also looking forward to the manager of the ski and toboggan arena Wasserkuppe (district Fulda), Florian Heitmann. In the ski area in the Rhön the ski season had already started on December 10th.

At the turn of the year, the winter fun did there but the mild weather a dash through the bill. Heitmann had to close his lifts on December 30th. "The complete basis was gone. It has rained at temperatures of plus five degrees. That does not stop the best snow, "he said. To open this weekend again, the slopes were again snowed in recent days.

Start in ski season at the earnings head remains from

Despite snowfall, the ski slopes remain closed in the winter sports area Einbewead in the Hunsrück for the time being. "We have a little touch of winter," said the mayor of the Association Gemeinde Thalfang, Vera Höfner, on Friday (January 7). The snow is not rich to start the ski season. Even artificial snow does not allow skiing, but there must be longer frost periods. "But a visit is always worthwhile," Höfner said. On the buzz head lying up enough snow for a toboggan trip.

The snowfall should first stop at the heights of Rhineland-Pfalz at the weekend, as the German Weather Service (DWD) announced on Friday in Offenbach.

up to 100,000 lateral thinkers in NRW on the Internet: Constitutional protection sees "huge virtual scene" .
The outgoing head of constitutional protection NRW warns against radicalization in the middle of society. The demarcation to right-wing extremes. © Photo: Marcel Kusch / DPA Warning of new extremism. The outgoing head of the constitutional protection North Rhine-Westphalia, Burkhard Freier, sees the approach to long-lasting government compliance in Corona Protestest. The numbers are horrendous.

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