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Sports: NBA: Lebron compares Lakers with Bradys Bucs

Lakers Stars Exit Plagging Series

 Lakers Stars Exit Plagging Series The La Lakers stop their negative series against the Houston Rockets. Two stars ensure the liberation strike. © Provided by Lakers stars Exit Plagging Series The Los Angeles Lakers win just 132: 123 at the Houston Rockets. (Data: Results and Schedule of NBA) especially Russell Westbrook (24 Points / 10 Assists / 12 Rebounds) and LeBron James (32 points / 11 assists / 11 rebounds) brilliant on pages of the guests.

The Season of Los Angeles Lakers is not as successful as hoped for. Lebron James, however, pulled the comparison to a team before the season, where it was still working at some point.

LeBron James und Tom Brady waren schon vor 17 Jahren (!) prägende Figuren ihrer jeweiligen Sportart. © Provided by Spox Lebron James and Tom Brady were already 17 years ago (!) Printing figures of their respective sports.

Even before the training camp, James team interpreted parallel to the Tampa Buch Buccaneers, the reigning NFL champion: These were just started last season with 7-5, only to find the right chemistry around Superstar Tom Brady and right to start.

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the Lakers, who are currently standing at 21-20 and have not always convinced, according to the statement by Carmelo Anthony still gladly likes this example. "It's a great comparison," said the 37-year-old on Tuesday in a videoconferencing over the Russell Westbrook also newly created team of Lakers ..

"simply when it comes to starting slowly and new players in the Team. A new system, "Anthony continued. "Guys try to find out how they need to play next to LeBron and Anthony Davis, as they integrate Russian, what their role is. And what the beauty was with the Bucs: When they found the mix, it has come together and they all have seen What happened then. "

Lakers are based on Tom Brady & Co.

Tampa Bay dominated in the past NFL playoffs and won at Super Bowl as Underdog with 31: 9 about Kansas City Chiefs. The Lakers still hopes for a comparable success story, even if little does so hitherto speak. In the near future, the team with Davis and Kendrick should now be complete for the first time in the season.

"All thought" Oh no! ' And suddenly the Buccaneers have found their groove exactly in time, everything won, "Wayne Ellington explained. "That's one of the things I'm always thinking when I see how our season is running straight. You have to stay positive and professional. And understand that it can turn into our direction very quickly."

The Lakers currently occupy seven in the Western Conference, would now be on the play-in tournament. The seats five (Dallas) to nine (Minnesota) is currently only 2.5 games.

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