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Sports: Lead 1-for Moscow, Discussions with the USA and NATO are deadle

Ukraine's alliances are not a 'bargaining chip' in talks with Russia, country's deputy PM says

  Ukraine's alliances are not a 'bargaining chip' in talks with Russia, country's deputy PM says Ukraine’s proposed membership in NATO should not be used as a “bargaining chip” in this week's talks between Russia and the United States over the eastern European nation's plight, says Ukraine’s deputy prime minister for European affairs.Olga Stefanishyna met the Western military alliance's secretary general on Monday ahead of a full meeting of the NATO-Ukraine Commission, which helps direct the relationship between NATO allies and the beleaguered nation.

Ukraine-crisis / NATO-Russia-Kremlin (Lead 1, Photo, TV): Lead 1-for Moscow, discussions with The US and NATO are deadlocked

(with new Russian, American and Polish statements, context)

by Thomas Escritt and Tom Balmforth

Vienna / Moscow, January 13 (Reuters) - Russia said Thursday that its efforts In order to convince the West to prevent the expansion of NATO towards the East, via the integration of Ukraine, had led it to a stalemate and threatened to draw the consequences without specifying nature.

The Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Russian, Sergei Riabkov, cited by the Tass agency, said that military experts would submit various scenarios to President Vladimir Putin in case of degradation of the situation around Ukraine, adding that It was necessary to give his luck to diplomacy.

NATO: Russia says answers to its security concerns

 NATO: Russia says answers to its security concerns Ukraine-crisis-NATO-Russia: NATO: Russia says answers to its security concerns © Reuters / Maxim Shemetov NATO: Russia says they want answers Its Safe Concerns Moscow (Reuters) - Russia needs responses to its safety concerns and calls on Westerners to provide them with the Kremlin spokesperson on Wednesday, while Brussels representatives of the NATO AND MOSCOW. "We do not negotiate in a position of force, it can not be question here to send ultimatums," said Dmitry Peskov.

According to him, the discussions conducted in recent days, with the United States in Geneva on Monday and with NATO in Brussels on Wednesday, have proved "a dead end or divergence of approaches", making it unnecessary a recovery of talks in the coming days.

Russia has massped in recent months some 100,000 soldiers near its border with Ukraine and even if it refutes any invasion project of its neighbor, this situation has led to the negotiations of the last days to try to lower the tension by the diplomatic channel.

But Moscow has drawn up a failure, without even achieving the end of this process as discussions are still underway in Vienna Thursday as part of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).

"If we do not get any favorable response to our proposals within a reasonable time and whether aggressive behaviors (Russia-NDLR) continue, we will need to take the necessary steps to ensure the strategic balance and end the unacceptable threats to Our national security, "said the Russian delegation at the OSCE on Twitter by quoting his ambassador, Alexandre Loukachevitch.

As talks with Russia stall, NATO chief warns of a new war in Europe

  As talks with Russia stall, NATO chief warns of a new war in Europe The threat of a new war in Europe is very real, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said Wednesday following talks with Russia at the military alliance’s headquarters in Brussels.Stoltenberg's warning was delivered as the Trudeau government faces rising political pressure from the vocal Ukrainian diaspora community in Canada to do more to help deter an invasion by Russia troops.

Washington refuses any "blackmail"

for its part, the Polish Foreign Minister, present in Vienna, found that the risk of a war in Europe had reached a "higher level" than ever over the last 30 years " And the American emissary assured that the West would not give back to any "blackmail".

Russia intends to put an end to the expansion of NATO started after the dislocation of the USSR and prevent Ukraine from integrating the Alliance born in 1949 around the United States or to welcome American missiles on his soil.

The American administration rejects the requirements on the scope of NATO but is arranged to discuss with Moscow control of armaments and the deployment of missiles.

for Sergei Riabkov, the United States and their allies are, however, "not ready to meet our main demands" and do not agree to discuss only secondary issues.

in Moscow, the Kremlin Dmitri Peskov spokesman stated that the discussions of this week had certainly led to "positive nuances" but that both parties disagreed on substantive issues.

He also criticized the draft new sanctions for Russian political and military officials, including Vladimir Putin, as well as great Russian banks, revealed Wednesday by American Democrat Senators, in the event of an attack on Ukraine.

He added that the only idea of ​​sanctioning President Vladimir Putin would lead to a degradation of relations between Moscow and Washington.

The Assistant Secretary of State Wendy Sherman said Wednesday that Russia's withdrawal of the discussions would prove that Moscow has never taken these seriously. (With Francois Murphy, Tom Balmforth, Polina Devitt and Alexander Marrow; French version Marc Angrand, edited by Jean-Michel Bélot)

Ukraine conflict: NATO and USA show Russian demands .
The western alliance partners want to continue the dialogue with Moscow. NATO Secretary-General Stoltenberg makes concrete proposals for improving relationships, for example discussions about disarmament. © Hannibal Hanschke / AP NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. NATO and USA have Russian claims back The 30 members of the defense alliance NATO have used their written answer to Russian receivables for new security agreements, to offer Moscow concrete steps to improve relations.

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