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Sports: "Archive 81": There is already relay 2 & 3 - but different when you think!

Quebec women poised to soar on world stage in 2022

  Quebec women poised to soar on world stage in 2022 With the National Hockey League taking a pass on the Beijing Winter Olympics, the Canada-United States women’s hockey rivalry is poised to grab the spotlight. Canada and the United States have dominated the competition since women’s hockey made its debut at the 1998 Nagano Games in Japan. Canada has won four of the six gold medals and finished second to the U.S. on the other two occasions, including the 2018 Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea. Before it was brought to a halt by the pandemic, the Rivalry Series, a barnstorming tour of North America, had produced standing-room only crowds as well as strong TV ratings.

in the Genre expert James Wan ("conjuring", "SAW") produced Netflix horror series " Archive 81 " gets the young Archivar Dan ( Mamoudou Athie ) the order to restore old videotapes, which were almost completely destroyed in a devastating fire. He encounters recordings of the documentary filmmiller Melody ( Dina Shihabi ) disappeared before years ago, which has researched a dangerous sect in a residential building.

© Netflix "Archive 81": There is already Season 2 & 3 - but different when you think!

What exactly occurred and if Melody can still be saved, not only Dan, but since last Friday, many Netflix subscribers around. In the search for answers to the mysteries, even few are likely to have passed through all eight episodes of the first "archives 81" squadron, and now tend to go to season 2, not least, since Season 1 ends very open (without at this point too much To be betrayed).

Oberhof: Mixed Relay: The Blues on the Podium

 Oberhof: Mixed Relay: The Blues on the Podium © Supplied by Biathlon - Mixed Relay of Oberhof: Norway prevails, France tears the podium The France team can thank Julia Simon! On the occasion of the first mixed relay of the Biathlon World Cup season, organized in Oberhof, the seizure skier removed a sacred thorn of the blue foot.

If the great interest in the series of the past weekend will persist a while (currently occupies "Archive 81" place 2 The currently most popular.-Content), the opportunities for a continuation are not bad. Netflix has not yet been renewed yet. And yet, there is another approach from the dark world of "Archive 81" ...

The "Archive 81" Podcast

Who does not skip the header of "Archive 81", but watches attentively, gets to read there , that the series is based on the podcast of the same name of Daniel Powell and Marc Sollinger . All those who think of podcasts are the first to think about science, politics, culture and crimes, but do not fear, but do not have to worry about the terrible events in "archives 81" real roots.

The podcast is instead a kind of radio play series, a fictional audio grusel series that fully uses a found footage concept. This means that the story is told in the form of audio cuts that have recorded the figures. In a modified form, this element also found feed into the series adaptation (instead of audio, there is video recordings here), even if it does not exist exclusively. In the first episode of the podcast, you can listen directly here:

Two-time Canadian Olympian hopes to fight climate change on IOC Athletes' Commission

  Two-time Canadian Olympian hopes to fight climate change on IOC Athletes' Commission Two-time Canadian Olympian Seyi Smith is aiming to fight climate change on the global stage. Smith, 34, is running for election to the International Olympic Committee's (IOC) Athletes' Commission, where he hopes to lead Olympians from across the world in promoting sustainability. "I want to help athletes lead the race to zero. We can be players in the biggest comeback story the world has ever seen," the Ottawa native said. Smith is a candidate for one of two open spots on the commission, which will be voted on by athletes at the upcoming Beijing Winter Olympic Games.

The "Archive 81" podcast brings it even on whole three seasons (and some additional sequences), between 2016 and 2018 have been published. If, however, you should be able to hear the hope of learning on this way as it continues with the Netflix version of main character Dan, we have to disappoint you rather. The basic features of history - Archivary Dan and a woman named Melody get it in a residential building with a cult - are in podcast and series adaptation although the same, especially towards the end of the first season, the action differs but quite clear.

Season 2 The Netflix series should therefore be slightly different ways than Season 2 of the podcast template, even if it is quite conceivable that individual story elements are used here and there. Nonetheless, the podcast is ideal for choosing comparisons between original and adaptation and even deeper into the world of "Archive 81".

Only mushroom drops for some should be that the "archive 81" podcast is completely in English. However, if you brings the necessary language skills and has become curious, finds the audio horror for all common podcast providers - from Apple Podcasts to Spotify.

OJ of Beijing - Bobsleigh / Luge / Skeleton: The complete program .
© Panoramic Bobsleigh Jo 2018 Sliding sports are a must of winter games. Find the complete programming and results of the bobsleigh, sledding and skeleton events at the Beijing Olympics.

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