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Sports: Côtes d'Armor: a fire declares itself in the fire training center

Christian Gasc, French costume to the four Caesar, died at the age of 76 years

 Christian Gasc, French costume to the four Caesar, died at the age of 76 years © Arnaud Touchard / Archives West-France The costumer Christian Gasc. The French costume, Christian Gasc died this week at the age of 76, in Paris. He was known for his work in cinema, theater and the opera. The announcement of his death has moved the world of the show. Christian Gasc , French costume to the Four Caesar which had created for the cinema, the opera and the theater and was loved by the lyric artists, died at the age of 76, said his curator.

Fire declared itself in a decommissioned hangar that serves as a fire driving ground

Illustration de l'intervention de pompiers. Ici lors d'un incendie à Rennes. © C. ALLAIN / APEI / 20 minutes Illustration of firefighters' intervention. Here during a fire in Rennes. Fire - Fire expressed in a disused hangar that serves as a fireplace training ground

this is not an exercise. Saturday, A fire expressed at the end of the afternoon in the Firefighters' training center of Plouisy, near Guingamp ( Côtes d'Armor ). The fire would have taken in a disused hangar on a former industrial site that normally serves as firefighters according to the information from West-France .

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Why Ontario university, college athletes aren't 'elite' is a question province won't answer

  Why Ontario university, college athletes aren't 'elite' is a question province won't answer As CBC Sports Senior Contributor Shireen Ahmed writes, the seemingly arbitrary decision to not classify Ontario's university and college student-athletes as 'elite' is frustratingly insulting to the thousands of men and women affected.In the latest protocols set out by the Ontario government, we have lost access to in-person dining, gatherings of more than five people, and gyms are closed. Walking outside is an activity that is free but only great if the windchill remains above –15 C. I'm not Albertan so that's the maximum for me.

The disaster was quickly mastered by some thirty soldiers of fire. About 300 of the 1,000 m² of the building were affected. According to the daily, no injuries are to deplore, the hangar being empty at the time of the fire. The reasons for fire departure are not yet established. Statements were made on site to know the circumstances. The police opened an investigation.

ParisTeux Employee Young up on a merchandise train in Île-de-France DIVERSGEGENT BY THE NOISE OF FIREFIGHTERS IN INTERVENTION, a man destroys their equipment with a hammer

How a Firefighter-Turned-Filmmaker Gained Access to a Terrorist Rehab Center in 'Jihad Rehab' (Video) .
Six months after 9/11, firefighter turned "Jihad Rehab" filmmaker Meg Smaker left her job as a Bay Area firefighter to travel to the Middle East to better understand the world she lived in. After making a pit stop in Afghanistan, Smaker moved to Yemen to study Arabic and Islam, and got a job there running a firefighting academy. "So I was a head fire instructor, teaching Yemeni men to fight fire in Yemen, which is where I was when I first heard about the rehab center, when I was living in Yemen and teaching a firefighting like course," Smaker tells Sharon Waxman at The Wrap's Sundance Studio.

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