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Sports: Weigls Bundesliga record: "There I have to call clothes and be angry"

Gomez Traut Leipzig Title to

 Gomez Traut Leipzig Title to Ex-National Storm Mario Gomez Dark to the Football Bundesligavers RB Leipzig, despite the so far grown season still titles. © Provided by Gomez Traut Leipzig Title to ex-Nationalstürmer Mario Gomez Dark to the Football Bundesligavers RB Leipzig, despite the so far waxed season still titles.

a good two years ago, Julian Weigl (26) Borussia Dortmund returned his back. In the new episode "Kicker meets Dazn" speak today's Benfica professional about a Bundesliga record he still holds.

Ein Talent und sein Mentor: Julian Weigl (li.) mit Thomas Tuchel. © imago images / defodi a talent and his mentor: Julian Weigl (Li.) With Thomas Tuchel.

Ex-Dortmund visits "Kicker meets Dazn"

20 years old was Julian Weigl as he trumped the Great Xabi Alonso. On the 34th match day of the 2015/16 season, the then BVB-Youngster in the game against the 1st FC Cologne (2: 2) Schier unbelievable 218 ball contacts - two more than the Spanish midfield strategist almost two years earlier with FC Bayern (also against Cologne). To date, weigl thus keeps the Bundesliga record for most ball contacts in a game.

That says Eberl to Schaller from Gladbach

 That says Eberl to Schaller from Gladbach Sedrina Schaller leaves Borussia Mönchengladbach and seeks a new challenge. Your partner and Gladbach sports director Max Eberl manifests itself to the finish. © Provided by This says Eberl to Schaller from Gladbach Sedrina Schaller, Borussia Mönchengladbach returns his back after almost eight months. "It's right that I asked for the resolution of my contract", explained the former team manager of Borussia and Partner of Sport Director Max Eberl the view.

"In the game", the now 26-year-old Weigl describes in the new episode "Kicker meets Dazn", "I did not do that so". Shortly after graduation he experienced by the BVB team manager of his record. "I'm often approached today, of course, that makes me proud," explains Weigl, who has been heading for Benfica Lisbon since January 2020. "Xabi Alonso is a role model for me - and when you catch up with me, then he deserves it."

Particularly noteworthy: In his record match against Cologne, weigl did not even have the full distance on the square, was replaced in the 84th minute for Erik Dorm. "There I have to call Thomas Tuchel again and be angry," jokes Meigl in the podcast in the direction of his then coach, which brought him to Dortmund in 2015 from 1860 Munich and made directly to the regular player.

Funny Twitter breakdown: repeatedly Lewandowski

 Funny Twitter breakdown: repeatedly Lewandowski The ARD sports show has to deal with a technical problem on Twitter - very much for the amusement of two Bundesliga clubs. © Provided by Funny Twitter breakdown: repeatedly again Lewandowski will soon be the choice of world footballers serious - before the award ceremony of FIFA made a technical problem on Twitter but still for amusement. was affected by the ARD Sports Show , which wanted to postpone a post to Topfavorit Robert Lewandowski before the award ceremony on Monday evening.

Before the BVB change, Freiburg and Mainz knocked on

"for me he was a very important coach in my professional career," says Weigl. "First of all, I looked for club with my consultant that had been an intermediate step after 1860. There were contact to Freiburg and to Mainz." Then the big BVB knocked on.

"When I had the conversation with Thomas Tuchel, he first explained to me who I am as a player," recalls Meigl. "That was impressive. Then he told me he sees the chance that I come to games." This should be true: directly in his first BVB season, weigl 51 compulsory games completed, drove at the end of the season even with the European Championship to France.

Even the FanShop staff did not recognize Weigl

he had heard him a year before any of the note - not even in Dortmund himself. "Shortly after I arrived," says Weigl, "I went to the fanshop and wanted to go to the fanshop buy. At the checkout I asked if there is a discount for players and the staff asked: 'Where do you play? In the A-youth? In the second team?' Nobody really knew me. "

HSV in the Corona terminal: The hanseats suffer extremely under the viewer restriction

 HSV in the Corona terminal: The hanseats suffer extremely under the viewer restriction The HSV wants to finally put a real exclamation mark on Tuesday evening and throw in the DFB-COKAL-Oxelfinale Bundesligoister Cologne from the competition. For the tables fifth of the 2.Bundesliga, however, it is about much more than a sporty sign of life. The entry into the quarterfinals will eventually be rewarded with a good one million euros.

as he was once at 1860 Munich at the age of 18 for only two weeks, why he was in front of the Champions League game at FC Bayern "Stinksauer" on his coach and why a Benfica fan ran naked by Lisbon because of him Weigl in the new episode "Kicker meets Dazn".

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Sheikh Club with request at Müller? .
The future of Thomas Müller is likely to be FC Bayern. Nevertheless, there are allegedly inquiries of a heavy club from England. © Provided by Sheikh club with request at Müller? Thomas Müller has been an absolute identification figure for years for Bayern for years. That the ur-Bayer plays in another jersey than that of the German record champion? Actually unimaginable.

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